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C240M3 HUU Loads then fails with no error - all versions

Currently running c240m3.2.0.4b.0 (4/28/2015). I am able to load and boot HUU via CIMC and directly with a USB. When I say load HUU loads with spinning wheel the status of the wheel completes then drops to a no prompt Linux screen listing directories attached.

I have tried EIGHT different versions of the HUU iso and all result in the same output. Any ideas what I can try or am doing wrong?

Kirk J
Cisco Employee

If you haven't already done so, please do a hard power cycle (remove power cords for 30 sec) to rule out any CIMC low mem conditions.


If that does not resolve, then you may want to do a CIMC config reset, via the F8 CIMC config util that pops up during post time,,, and then re-enter the IP address info..

What is the current firmware version running on the CIMC?




@Kirk J Running CIMC 2.0(4c) CIMC boot loader 2.0(4c).36 BIOS C240M3.2.0.4b.0.


I completed the requested exercise (unplug and cimc default) and received the same results and I also tried via direct USB. The images I tried where ucs-c240-huu-3.0.4j.iso and ucs-c240-huu-2.0.6d.iso.


Should I try upgrading the CIMC individually if so where can I get the individual firmware file I do not see it in downloads? 

@Kirk J 

I have updated the firmware on the CIMC, BIOS, and I350 LOM to the latest HUU version "ucs-c240-huu-3.0.4j.iso". I did this by removing the raid card then the update went smooth. After speaking to some of the company employees I discovered that the UCS-RAID-9271CV-8I card firmware was recently updated to the latest Broadcom version 23.34.0-0019.

I tried updating the raid card again with the latest firmware from the HUU iso but it fails the same as before.

I know how to individually update the 9271CV-8I card firmware but I need the latest Cisco firmware version where can find the file? The ucs-cxxx-fw.1.4.7.iso does not have the firmware for 9271CV-8I.

I not need to worry about any data on the disks or raid config as it will be a fresh os install.

Bump can anyone help me find the individually update to 9271CV-8I card firmware is is not in the huu iso?

Could you please confirm the pcie slot config for the RAID card...
CIMC GUI > BIOS > Advanced > LOM and PCIE slot configuration > slot link speed

You may have to set the PCIE slot to GEN2 mode in BIOS if its set as GEN3 now.... and run the HUU again...
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