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Add FC uplinks to UCS 6248


I currently have my UCS environment setup with a single FC connection from 6248 to Nexus5548UP


UCS-A ------> 5548-1 (VSAN700)

USC-B ------> 5548-2 (VSAN701)


UCS side looks like this:UCS-A FC port.PNG


Nexus 5548 port looks like this:

interface fc2/7
switchport description FC Uplink to UCS-6248-A
switchport trunk mode off
no shutdown


If I were to add a 2nd (Or 2nd, 3rd and 4th) link between each FI and it's respective Nexus switch, is there any programming I need to do specifically on either the FI or the Nexus5k to prevent some kind of unforeseen FC disaster?



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Wes Austin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If your goal is to add more uplinks, you should configure FC Port channels on the UCS and N5K side.


If you add new links, the vHBA will not pin to the new uplinks until the servers are rebooted.

In the newer firmware, You can try resetting connectivity of HAB(one at a time) from the equipment tab instead of rebooting. After resetting HBA initiator will FLOGI into Fabric Interconnect, pin to available uplink. 

Equipment  > Chassis >Servers > Server X > Adaptters > Adapter 1 > HBAs >HBA1

Like Wes says, configure your FI/N5K FC links in a SAN port-channel, and then the vHBA/vfc's will be pinned to a PO,,, and the pinning/load distribution will be much better...



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