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More space, lower performance?

Gregg Hughes

Good afternoon, all!

I need to increase the memory in four of my UCS C210 M2 servers.  They're currently running VMware 4.1 with 12 4G DIMMS, for a total of 48G memory per server. 

If I increase the memory to 96G with 12 8G DIMMS, that will be a best-performance memory configuration.  At that level, all DIMMS run at the maximum clock speed of 1333 MHz.  However, if I increase the memory beyond that to, say, 128G, the memory bus speed drops to 800 MHz.  This seems to be true of any memory configuration larger than 96G.

The question is:  what pracitcal result might I get if I go over the 96G threshold?  I don't have the ability to test in a lab for this, so I wanted to know if someone in the community has had any experiences in this arena to share?

Thanks to all in advance?



Marcin Latosiewicz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


If you have not already found it:

Table 26.

TL;DR for c210 M2 96GB  (2 CPUs) will provide highest clock rate.


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