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Hello Team,Just wanted to inform you of an omission in the documentation:  Disjoint L2 information is missing from the configuration limits guides.Both the UCS 2.1 GUI Configuration Guide and UCS 2.0 GUI Configuration Guide reference the Configuratio...

Is this a viable design on ESXi 5.1 on UCS C240 with 2 Quad port nic adapters?Option A) VMware NIC Teaming with load balancing of vmnic interfaces in an Active/Active configuration through alternate and redundant hardware paths to the network.Option ...

Hi,I am trying to make use of the scheduled backup capabilities of UCSM and have a question.  I have gotten it to work fine, but I am unclear on how many copies of the backups it keeps.  The documentation simply states “Cisco UCS maintains a maximum ...

Hi,our customer plans to connect his (to be delivered) UCS-C240M3 to a catalyst switch and wants to usethe integrated NIC Teaming feature of this UCS Server. Is there any special configuration needed oncatalyst site for this? Does the UCS NIC Teaming...

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