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Taking CCNA Data Center

Hello everyone



My name is Ali and am 19 years old. i am in the first year in the collage specifically in computer science . I have read a couple of books about networking and i am interested in it . but what i am more interested in is working with storage, servers, routers, switches. So i decided to go in CCNA   Data Center path and take the certification . does anyone recommend that for me , and how much time does it take if i studied 6h a day , which book is the best to study from.



waiting for the answers .


Rising star

There are two exams for the

There are two exams for the CCNA DC. The two official certification guides are excellent:

Cisco Employee

Hi Alie,

Hi Alie,

It's always great to see motivation and at an early age shows how dedicated you are. The books that helped me pass my CCNA Data Center where the following;

The second link helped me review some concepts regarding the first half of the exam. Now 6 hours a day is a great deal but at that rate you would still need about 2 months to take the exam. If you following the blue print listed below it will help you make a check list of all the concepts you know and ones that you need to work on.

If you have any questions please do not hesistate to message me directly or respond to the forum. I would be more than glad to help you on this journey, it is indeed a long one but very rewarding.


Qiese Dides

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