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Field Notice 70545

UCSM is slow and hanging while working in GUI

Hi All,

I am using version UCS 1.4 version, when login to UCSM through Java console it is taking time to login and when click anything like chassis, blade etc... its hangs. I need to login once again, also it is creating automatically many files in my profile (c:\users\my profile\appdata\locallow\sun\java\deployment\log). Please let me know any information needed, advance thanks for your response..




Hi Yuvaraj,

Can you check a few things:

1) Are you using a 32 bit or a 64 bit java?

2) Network settings - in the java Control pannel (under the windows control pannel) - this should be set to Direct Connection. Most of the time it is default to use brower settings and with the browser using the proxy we see these kind of issues.

3) Can you clear your java cache as well.


Hi Abhinav,

Thanks for your reply,

It was 64 bit, also I changed it to Local Network settings, cleared cache in control panel, still same issue.

I found there was many java related installation in Control Panel > Program & Features, then removed all Java related installation and downloaded only Java 32 (the server OS is 64) installed the same and problem has been resolved.

Thanks with regards,


Vincent La Bua
Cisco Employee

I am actually working through this issue right now.

I have a 1.4.3L and a 1.4.3Y system that were both hanging.

We cleared out the client download files under the AppData with no luck.

My 2.0(3b) was working just fine the entire time.

Looking at Java, it was updated this past Friday.

I removed the Java 7 Update 5 and the issue seems to have subsided.

Technically, we do not want to use 1.7 with UCSM 1.x. (says so right on the UCSM HTML page when goind to https://vip_of_ucsm)

I have another machine that we are going to do some testing on. 

We are trying to clear the Java Cache hung as well. 

We are going to reboot and try again before downgrading java on this other machine.

To note from Release Notes and Java Version:      

To install Cisco UCS Manager your computer must meet or exceed the following minimum system requirements:

The  Cisco UCS Manager GUI is a Java-based application. UCSM Release 2.0(3a)  supports Sun JRE 1.6 and 1.7. Versions earlier than UCSM Release  2.0(3a) require Sun JRE 1.6. (Sun JRE must be 32 bit version only due to  the lack of 64 bit native libraries for the KVM/VMedia; the 32 bit JRE  can be executed in both Win32 and Win64, as well as Linux 32 and 64).

Issue is not cache related... Issue was also seen going to Java 7 Update 6.

Moving Forward:


If you are using Java 7 for anything under 2.03b, it is best to downgrade per the release notes noted above.

Note the following details.

If you are running Java 6 UpdateX and are still seeing this, update us here.

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