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Cisco AS5400 MGW Sys and error logs- %CALL_CONTROL-6-CALL_LOOP & ASSERTION FAILED: file "../as/if_as_tdm.c"


Dear All

On our MGW we are observing following sys and error logs.i have following question on this.

1.whther its affect on ongoing call or new call request.

2. What is the actual significance or emaning of this logs.

3, is theer any soltuion /work around for this?

log 1. SSERTION FAILED: file "../as/if_as_tdm.c", line 2923 -Traceback= 0x601FF08C 0x602E6E44 0x6261DE7C 0x628BE2F8 0x61C8C548 0x61775148 0x61775610 0x61C77690

log 2 %CALL_CONTROL-6-CALL_LOOP: The incoming call has a global identfier already present in the list of currently handled calls. It is being refused

we are using IOS Version 12.4(15)T9, i google the same but no proper update on web.

Please help me with all the possible data.



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Daniele Giordano

log 2 %CALL_CONTROL-6-CALL_LOOP: The incoming call has a  global identfier already present in the list of currently handled  calls. It is being refused

This message informs you that the AS5400 has received an incoming voip call generated from itself.
In a SIP scenario the unique global identifier is the SIP CALL-ID. When the AS5400 creates a new voip call leg, generates a new and unique CALL-ID. If it receive a call with the same CALL-ID it's a loop.
The loop must be block.

Try to identify and eliminate the loop cause.

Check your telephony routing, dial-peers configuration, hunting and huntstop, decrease max forward numbers, etc.

log 1. SSERTION FAILED: file "../as/if_as_tdm.c", line 2923  -Traceback= 0x601FF08C 0x602E6E44 0x6261DE7C 0x628BE2F8 0x61C8C548  0x61775148 0x61775610 0x61C77690

This sounds like a software crash of if_as_tdm.c program.
This is probably caused by an unmanaged exception.
Try to upgrade your IOS. the last release is 12.4-25d or 12.4-15T14.

Best regards.

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