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Is it possible to separate call forward unregistered & busy on a device profile?


I've got the following situation cropping up a surprising amount at our site:

User has 2 jobs within our institution. Works 3 days a week on job 1, 2 days on job 2. Each job is billed to a different cost centre, and the user doesn't want to be getting calls for job 1 when they're supposed to be working on job 2, and vice versa.

As such, we've created them 2 device profiles. When they log into the phone at the desk of whichever job they're currently working, they get prompted for which profile they want to log in to. The other device profile (if still logged in to the phone on the desk of the other job) is then forcibly logged out.

When profile 1, for job 1, is logged in, but the user is already on a call, they want incoming calls to that extension to be directed to their voicemail (i.e. set Call Forward Busy [Internal|External] to send to voicemail). They can then check voicemail and follow up on the call as soon as they're off the current one.

When profile 1/job 1 is logged *out*, i.e. they're currently working job 2, they want incoming calls to job 1's extension to be immediately diverted to a colleage within the same job 1 team.

I thought I could do this by utilising Call Forward Unregistered [Internal|External], but this does not seem to be the case. When a device profile is not logged in to a device it seems like the busy trigger just gets treated as 0 so the value of Call Forward Busy is followed. I can't see any situation where Call Forward Unregistered is ever utilised if an extension is only associated with a device profile.

Is there any way to do what I want (without massively convoluted configuration on Call Manager)? If not, do people think this is worth raising as a feature request (or bug in expected behaviour) for later versions of Call Manager?

We're currently on CUCM 8.5, FYI, in case this is something that's already been updated in version 9 or later.

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