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AA script for reception phone.



After many hours of trial and error I give up and ask for help. I am trying to set up an AA script on a SPA9000 that Answers the phone, gives a message with a press 1 for further informaton and after a little while xfers automatically to the reception. I still have to be able to dial extension numbers for other extension but wants the caller to be automatically xferd to the reception if no input is made.

If the reception is busy I need the caller to hear music while waiting for the receptionist to handle the call before that in the cue. The reception phone is a SPA525.

Is this at all possible? If not I would very much appreciate any workaround that could achieve something similar to the functionality I need.

My other problem is a SPA400 refusing to accept any outgoing or incomming pstn calls. The green leds are flashing when I try to call the number, but nothing happens. When I dial 9 to get the line nothing happens. There is an ADSL connected to the line.


Regards, Kristian

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Have you tried the wizard to setup the spa9000/400?  It should be able to get your AA working the way you want it to.  It's not easy to manually make the changes to the parameter called AA script 1, as it's easy to make mistakes modifying the xml script.

You should be able to have AA answer and give a prompt and then when the caller enters 1, it goes to the prompt for that and then forward to the receptionist.

As far as hearing music while reaching the receptionist, the caller will hear the ringing.  Music is available if the call is on hold and not during the ringing.  Again, you can set the music on hold with the wizard.

With regards to spa9000/400, it sounds like the dial plan may not be setup properly.  Again, the best way is to use the wizard to set this up.

Admin guide for spa9000 at

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