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Add an extension in Cisco Unity Express Administration

Barry McKinley
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Cisco Unity Express - Administration      Cisco TimeCardView  Version 8.0.6

I would like to add an new extensio to my UC560. In the past I could add the extension in Cisco Unity Express.

In the current version I do not see an option to add extension under CONFIGURATION.

We have a UC560 programmed by our InterConnect with CLI. I cannot use CCA or I will lose all of my custom programming.

The situation I am trying to resolve is as follows;  User at ext 1226 is going outside the office as a sales rep. He will keep extension 1226.

Ext 1226 is tied into a blast group. I would like to create a new extension for the new hire. Make the new extension part of the blast group and associated it to the physical phone on the desk.

The ability to choose another extension for the new hire or create a new extension seems to be missing from version 8.0.6 of Cisco Unity Express.



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If you use the link below (assuming your voice VLAN is you'll find what you're looking for.

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