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Authentication URL conflicts with TimeCard

Luis Giraldo

It was necessary on my UC520 to change the authentication URL to, otherwise VoiceView doesn't work.

However, now that I want to enable TimeCard, I get an error:

Custom Authentication URL is configured. It will be overwritten by TimeCard Application.

So it seems I can't use both?

Any ideas?

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Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
I understand that Time Card application also needs the authentication URL but thought it uses the same auth URL as VVE.
So from where did this error pop?

Tried on a UC520 running SWP 8.0.5 with CCA 2.2.6.

Starting condition is VVE working. 

Authentication URL displays same as yours.

url authentication

Go to APPLICATIONS and enable time card view.   I saw that pop up message about 'if you have a custom, it will get overwritten'

I activated TCV anyway.  Cause mine was not custom (i am reading as in reading 3rd party stuff).

It activated and changed the authentication URL.

url authentication

V V E still works.

So I dont think there is a problem here.  I think there are also a few scenarios we are tending to in play here from the CCA 2.1 days....:

If VVE authentication is filled and if user wants to configure a different authentication URL for some other third party, a information window will pop with a message, Voice view is currently using this URL. To configure new URL disable VVE from voice window.

When VVE URL is filled, Enabling WebEx will give out a message to the user saying 'WebEx phone connect authentication URL configured. '  This behavior is fine, because, WebEx URL is a superset for WebEx, VVE, and Time Card.

When some other user defined URL is configures and enabling VVE will say 'Custom authentication URL will be over written by VVE. Do you want to continue?.
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