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I am on my first install of the UC560 system in a four branch location enviroment.  The setup has taken 3 times as long as has been bid, so profits on this installation are nil.  Are other install techs experiencing the same glitches, problems?Proble...

service by Level 1
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Hello!I want to integrate my OCS with UC560. On http://www.aaronhall.net/cisco-cme-exchange-unified-messaging.html I have found some commands and I assigned it in my config. But it does not work. When I dial the number, it makes noises like that the ...

By using the BLF we can indicate to the user if they are logged into a queue or not.  However, when they press the button it dials the subscribe number which is only used for BLF functions.Is it possible to specify an alternate number for speeddial? ...

rcanavan by Level 1
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Hi,I have a problem with creating subinterfaces for VLANs.I created VLANS:VLAN Name                             Status    Ports---- -------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------1    default                          active...

Kubafen12 by Level 1
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