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Call Park on UC540


I have an interesting issue with a client we recently moved to a UC540 system. They are using several park lines in order to handle incoming calls. Instead of using the Park softkey, most if the time they are using the Transfer key so they can select which specific park slot to use instead of allowing the system to pick one for them.

Overall this does work fine, but if they attempt to transfer a call to a park slot that is already in use, the system actually picks up the call that was originally in that park slot. This results in the user now having an active call that was on the Park, and still having the call on hold they wanted to transfer to the park slot in the first place.

Ideally we would rather have the user get a busy or reorder tone if they try and transfer to an in-use park slot, as to not interfere with the caller who is already waiting in park. Any recommendations on how to accomplish this?


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David Trad
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Chad,

Just went through a similar exercise with a new install, this is what I discovered:

"Configured on a UC-560"

  • 3X Park Slots
  • Each Slot is configured to a button
  • Each Park Slot is set to Monitor (Not Watch command)
  • When Park slot is in use it lights up red, staff know it is in use
  • If they try to transfer a call to a used Park Slot, it places the active call on hold

Phone gets a busy tone... However on ocasion it actually picks up that parked call (NO IDEA HERE)

So the above scenario is in one aspect contrary to what you are experiencing, and the same at other times... Hmmmmm not sure what to make of this now

This scenario would actually be better achieved if you could do a CO line on a PRI or BRI circuit, in the past we got around this by creating Virtual DN's an assigning them to a button, this was like having a park slot and trunk lines in one cant see how to do this in CCA 3.0.1 but that could be due to my lack of understanding certain parts of CCA.

Right now I am focusing on Customer education and training, as much as they get frustrated at times I am confident that once they shake away any ideals about the old phone system and start focusing on how the new one works, they will get used to it and better work it in time... Well that is my hope anyway



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