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Cbeyond SIP configuration UC540



I am trying to find out the SIP configuration for the Cbeyond service we currently have. What do I have to put in the following fields?

Registrar Server ???

SIP Domain Name ???

DNS Server Address ???

These fields are populated with the following:

Proxy Server (primary)

Outbound Proxy

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Registrar Server :

SIP Domain Name : enter your domain or if you dont have it just put

DNS Server Address : your DNS server which your internet SP providing(ex. ATnT :

Ok so here is the new SIP configuration:

Proxy Server (primary)

Registrar Server

Outbound Proxy Server

SIP Domain name

DNS Server address

For the life of this thing and 6 hours with Cbeyond and Cisco, Cbeyond escalated this to Tier 2 support, Cisco says its the carriers fault, and it will NOT register the SIP. Cat5e connection goes from the Cisco IAD directly to the WAN port of the UC540. The NAT is defaulted, The WAN portion of the setup is correct, all the computers can get to the internet no problem....I do not know what else to do...I have until MONDAY to figure this out and I am running out of time....PLEASE HELP....below is what it spits out when I refresh the trunk status....

-----------  show sip-ua register status   -----------

Line                             peer       expires(sec) registered P-Associ-URI
================================ ========== ============ ========== ============
9545338980                       20013      39           no

-----------  End CLI Output  -----------

----------  show sip-ua statistics   -----------

SIP Response Statistics (Inbound/Outbound)
      Trying 4/0, Ringing 0/0,
      Forwarded 0/0, Queued 0/0,
      SessionProgress 0/0
      OkInvite 0/0, OkBye 0/0,
      OkCancel 0/0, OkOptions 122/0,
      OkPrack 0/0, OkRegister 0/0
      OkSubscribe 0/0, OkNotify 0/0, OkPublish 0/0
      OkInfo 0/0, OkUpdate 0/0,
      202Accepted 0/0, OkOptions 122/0
    Redirection (Inbound only except for MovedTemp(Inbound/Outbound)) :
      MultipleChoice 0, MovedPermanently 0,
      MovedTemporarily 0/0, UseProxy 0,
      AlternateService 0
    Client Error:
      BadRequest 0/0, Unauthorized 0/0,
      PaymentRequired 0/0, Forbidden 0/0,
      NotFound 78/0, MethodNotAllowed 0/0,
      NotAcceptable 0/0, ProxyAuthReqd 0/0,
      ReqTimeout 0/0, Conflict 0/0, Gone 0/0,
      ConditionalRequestFailed 0/0,
      ReqEntityTooLarge 0/0, ReqURITooLarge 0/0,
      UnsupportedMediaType 0/0, UnsupportedURIScheme 0/0,
      BadExtension 0/0, IntervalTooBrief 0/0,
      TempNotAvailable 0/0, CallLegNonExistent 0/0,
      LoopDetected 0/0, TooManyHops 0/0,
      AddrIncomplete 0/0, Ambiguous 0/0,
      BusyHere 0/0, RequestCancel 0/0,
      NotAcceptableMedia 0/0, BadEvent 0/0,
      SETooSmall 0/0, , RequestPending 0/0
      UnsupportedResourcePriority 0/0
    Server Error:
      InternalError 0/0, NotImplemented 0/0,
      BadGateway 0/0, ServiceUnavail 0/0,
      GatewayTimeout 0/0, BadSipVer 0/0,
      PreCondFailure 0/0
    Global Failure:
      BusyEverywhere 0/0, Decline 0/0,
      NotExistAnywhere 0/0, NotAcceptable 0/0
    Miscellaneous counters:
      RedirectRspMappedToClientErr 0

SIP Total Traffic Statistics (Inbound/Outbound)
    Invite 0/4, Ack 0/4, Bye 0/0,
    Cancel 0/0, Options 0/122,
    Prack 0/0, Update 0/0,
    Subscribe 0/0, Notify 0/0, Publish 0/0
    Refer 0/0, Info 0/0,
    Register 0/74

Retry Statistics
    Invite 0, Bye 0, Cancel 0, Response 0,
    Prack 0, Reliable1xx 0, Notify 0, Info 0
    Register 0 Subscribe 0 Update 0 Options 0
    Publish 0

SDP application statistics:
Parses: 0,  Builds 4
Invalid token order: 0,  Invalid param: 4
Not SDP desc: 0,  No resource: 0

Last time SIP Statistics were cleared:

-----------  show sip-ua status   -----------

SIP User Agent Status
SIP User Agent for UDP : ENABLED
SIP User Agent for TCP : ENABLED

SIP User Agent for TLS over TCP : ENABLED
SIP User Agent bind status(signaling): DISABLED
SIP User Agent bind status(media): DISABLED
SIP early-media for 180 responses with SDP: ENABLED
SIP max-forwards : 70
SIP DNS SRV version: 2 (rfc 2782)
NAT Settings for the SIP-UA
Role in SDP: NONE
Check media source packets: DISABLED
Maximum duration for a telephone-event in NOTIFYs: 2000 ms
Redirection (3xx) message handling: ENABLED
Reason Header will override Response/Request Codes: DISABLED
Out-of-dialog Refer: DISABLED
Presence support is DISABLED
protocol mode is ipv4

SDP application configuration:
Version line (v=) required
Owner line (o=) required
Timespec line (t=) required
Media supported: audio video image
Network types supported: IN
Address types supported: IP4 IP6
Transport types supported: RTP/AVP udptl

-----------  show sip-ua timers   -----------

SIP UA Timer Values (millisecs unless noted)
trying 500, expires 180000, connect 100, disconnect 500
prack 500, rel1xx 500, notify 500, update 500
refer 500, register 500, info 500, options 500, hold 2880 minutes
tcp/udp aging 5 minutes
tls aging 60 minutes

If any one can make heads or tails of this issue, I would be forever in your debt....

change the configuration as below

Proxy Server (primary)

Registrar Server               ----> change

Outbound Proxy Server

SIP Domain name

DNS Server address


Let me start off by saying thank you very much for your help. The SIP does register now, it is just so hard to believe that the carrier couldn't even tell me the settings. I think I just have a routing problem now, the main number rings in fine, 9545338980, but the 855 numbers when you call it say "your call cannot be completed as dialed" I am going in today to see what I can do about that, hopefully its a simple fix. I'm sure in the next few hours I will be posting my next hurdle with this system.

good to hear that :-).

what is 855 number for, need more detail(call flow etc) to help

It all FINALLY works!.....I was not told this when Cbeyond installed the circuit but the 855's are routed to local DID's....I built routes for the 855's but since they are translated into local DID's the calls had nowhere to go so I had to build routes for those and it worked...each department has its own 855 and its outbound caller ID for each department is its own local DID...the only thing I have left to do is figure out how to monitor the agents call usage, calls taken, average length of call etc. and how to setup the call accounting....again thank you Bongsu for ALL your help, I am totally frustrated with both Cbeyond and Cisco over this weekend, nothing worked and both sides blamed the other, funny to me that I get more help on these forums than I do actually contacting the TAC or the SIP carrier.....

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