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Configuring UC540 with 2x SPA525G2 (local and remote site)

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Level 1

Just got this new system installed and not sure to get full capability.

Here's my setup and feel free to send comments to help improve configuration.

I have two SPA525G2 phone one local connected to the UC540 and the other one is remote and connected over the built-in VPN

I have 4 incoming lines and we need to have both phone ringing all the time.

On each phone at least one user extension button, one monitor button to see the status of the remote extension, and one group voicemail

So that left me with only 2 buttons to control the 4 incoming lines.

How should i do this setup on the two remaining buttons ?

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Hello Pierre,

There are a lot of different approaches. The following are some of the approaches:

1. create a group for each if the incoming lines and put the extensions of the two phones in these groups.

2. Create extension for each line and make overlay buttons which include these extensions.

3. Use B-ACD or AA and send the calls there and then forward to the extensions of the phones.



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