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Contact Center Express 7.0 integration with UC500

Leah Davis
Level 5
Level 5

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express release 7.0 can integrate with CUCME on UC500. Please note that:

a) This is tested for up to 12 users on UC500
b) It requires advanced certification to be able to sell UCCX

The datasheet for UCCX is available at

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Level 4
Level 4

A Couple other notes here.

Contact Center Express With CME on an ISR router can support up to 50 agents.(Providing the platform supports that many phones) 

On both CME and the UC500 you lose a few CTI features since both platforms do not support JTAPI.  These are basicall the cick on your computer screen to answer and transfer features. 

CME integration was introduced in Unified Contact Center Express 5.0

Any SIP trunks to connect to UCCX 7.0/IPIVR 7.0 are not supported by Cisco TAC. Only PSTN connections are supported. That means if u have another site which runs a Unified Communications Manager and you want to connect it with UCCX/CME site, SIP trunk to reach CME phones is supported but not UCCX pilots etc.

Level 1
Level 1

Has any of this changed with CCX 8.x and the newer versions of the UC500 series (UC560) running IOS 15.x?

Is there any offical support now?  I can't find anything so I'm assuming there isn't...