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Dialling other numbers on the same SIP providers network

Paul Williamson

Anyone know how to dial other numbers on the same SIP providers network from the UC320?

For example

The SIP "phone number" on the UC320 is 844 xxx xxx with Voiptalk

I have a VoIP client on my iPhone also registered with Voiptalk of 844 yyy yyy

I can dial the UC320 from my iPhone by dialling 844 xxx xxx - the call is placed entirely over Voiptalk's network and is free.

But if i try to dial 844 yyy yyy from the UC320 it dials a local six digit number over the SIP trunk instead of the 9 digit Voiptalk number.

I also have a Cisco WIP310 which is registered on the Voiptalk network with 844 zzz zzz and I can dial either the iPhone or the UC320 over the Voiptalk network but again if i dial 844 zzz zzz from the UC320 it dials a local regular phone number 844zzz instead of the Voiptalk number.  All the calls are placed over the SIP trunk but it would be great if the UC320 could dial other numbers on the voiptalk network because these calls would be free regardless of where the iPhone or the WIP310 were provided they are connected to the internet.

Any ideas?



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Paul Williamson

PS - forgot to mention that all the SIP trunk numbers do have geographic numbers associated with them but of course if i use these it incurrs a cost which I am trying to avoid.

Hi Paul,

The UC320 supports PSTN based addressing within the supported Regions.  If the addresses you are dialing are part of a private dial plan, then the UC500 might be a better fit.  If the addresses are something that you could dial from a cell phone or land line, then we would probably need to get a case open with the Cisco Small Business Support Center were they can look at more specific information.



Thanks for your response Chris,

You are right in your assumption.  Shame though, this would be workaround for small offices to link to Head office without incurring call costs.

Any chance of offering an option to do this in the dial plan?  Seems like it could be  a very quickly and easily implemented new feature.



Andrew Dixon

I recently bought a UC320 and I am now seeing all these forum discussions saying the units are fixed where dialplan is concerned. I had a spa9000 before and was able to dial any number I felt like but now I am seeing I can only dial 7 or 10 digits numbers.

I am in the caribbean where all numbers are 11 digits long and international calls have no known size as they range for 5 tot 15 digits.

eg. to call NAPA we have to dial 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX

    and to call international 011 X.

Do i need to return this pbx for a refund or is there a new firmware update on the horizon that will make this work like a normal pbx.


Please return the PBX as new region pack development is on hold until further notice.



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