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Does SPA962 BLF to work with Call Manager express 4.1 ?

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Level 1

Does any one can confirm that SPA962 can communicate with CME (call manager express 4.1) to exchange information about presence (BLF feature on SPA 962) ?

I found a lot of examples how to configure SPA962 to work with Asterisk or Broadsoft. I tried all of them but CME4.1 on Cisco 2651xm can’t communicate with this phone.

All documentation is giving an examples of 79xx phone running SIP firmware to work well with CME. I wonder it this is a SPA962 limitation or router configuration problem.

Here are my configuration:

SPA962 (without attendant console) I configured

Administrator->Phone Tab:  and see attachment.

Where is my SIP server (cisco CME4.1) and

503 is extension of this unit

501 is en extension whitch I want to monitor on

I’m not sure what is difference between ext and usr so I tried two of it.

************** Router configuration is: *************

voice register dn  1

number 501

allow watch

name tel1


voice register dn  2

number 502

allow watch

name tel2


voice register dn  3    <---- this is SPA962

number 503

allow watch

name tel3


voice register pool  1

id mac 000E.08DB.36B8

number 1 dn 1

voice-class codec 1

blf-speed-dial 1 503 label "tel3"


voice register pool  2

id mac 000E.083A.76E1

number 1 dn 2

voice-class codec 1


voice register pool  3      <--- spa 962

id mac 000E.08D9.5A39

number 1 dn 3

voice-class codec 1

blf-speed-dial 1 501 label "tel1"



allow subscribe

**** Debugs with ON:

sh debugging

EPHONE state debugging is enabled (state, error)

EPHONE skinny BLF debugging is enabled


  voice-register error debugging is on

  voice-register events debugging is on


  presence error debugging is on

  presence xml debugging is on

  presence asnl debugging is on

  presence event debugging is on

  presence timer debugging is on

  presence trace debugging is on

  presence info debugging is on

******* Status of presence on CME4.1

a--1#sh presence global

Presence Global Configuration Information:


Presence feature enable            : TRUE

Presence allow external watchers   : FALSE

Presence max subscription allowed  : 100

Presence number of subscriptions   : 0

Presence allow external subscribe  : TRUE

Presence call list enable          : FALSE

Presence server IP address         :

Presence sccp blfsd retry interval : 60

Presence sccp blfsd retry limit    : 10

Presence router mode               : CME mode

a--1#sh presence subscription details

Presence Active Subscription Records Details:


a--1#sh presence subscription summary

Presence Active Subscription Records Summary: 0 subscription

Watcher                  Presentity               SubID  Expires SibID Status

======================== ======================== ====== ======= ====== ======

Debugs are only seen when I power on/off phone:

May 17 15:15:43.916: VOICE_REG_POOL: Un-Registration for 18 okay, no auth needed

May 17 15:15:43.916: VOICE REGISTER POOL-3 has unregistered. Name:SEP000E08D95A39  IP:  DeviceType:Phone

May 17 15:15:43.916: VOICE_REG_POOL: delete key(503) contact(ipv4:

May 17 15:15:43.916: VOICE_REG_POOL: deleted contact from table

May 17 15:15:43.916: //PRESENCE:[0]:/presence_dp_delete_notify: 

May 17 15:15:43.916: //PRESENCE:[0]:/presence_clear_nodes_by_dpinfo: 

May 17 15:15:43.916: //PRESENCE:[0]:/presence_dp_delete_notify: No outstanding watched request

May 17 15:15:43.916: VOICE_REG_POOL: deleted key(503) from contact table

May 17 15:15:43.916: VOICE_REG_POOL: Un-Registration for 18 successful

May 17 15:15:56.624: VOICE_REG_POOL: Register request for (503) from (

May 17 15:15:56.624: VOICE_REG_POOL: Contact matches pool 3 number list 1

May 17 15:15:56.624: VOICE_REG_POOL: key(503) contact( add to contact table

May 17 15:15:56.624: VOICE_REG_POOL: No entry for (503) found in contact table

May 17 15:15:56.624: VOICE_REG_POOL: key(503) contact( added to contact table

May 17 15:15:56.624: VOICE_REG_POOL pool->tag(3), dn->tag(3), submask(1)

May 17 15:15:56.624: VOICE_REG_POOL: Creating param container for dial-peer 40001.VOICE_REG_POOL pool->tag(3), dn->tag(3), submask(1)

May 17 15:15:56.628: VOICE_REG_POOL: Created dial-peer entry of type 0

May 17 15:15:56.628: VOICE_REG_POOL: Registration successful for 503, registration id is 19

May 17 15:15:56.628: //PRESENCE:[0]:/presence_sip_dp_create: SIP number/tag: [503/40001]

May 17 15:15:56.628: VOICE REGISTER POOL-3 has registered. Name:SEP000E08D95A39  IP:  DeviceType:Phone

SPA962 : Software Version:6.1.3(a) Hardware Version:1.0.5(3825)

cisco 2651xm router with 12.4.(15)T13 IP voice with CME Version 4.1(0).

Have any ideas what can be wrog ? Maybe SPA 962 is not designed to work with CME4.1 but only with SPA9000 or Linux ?

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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Viki

(For some reason I could not see this question until today).

SPA962 BLF does not interoperate with CME. SPA962 has basic (known as third party in CME terms) SIP interop with CME, this includes registration, making/receiving calls, cfwd, transfer, and conference. All other features are not expected to work.


Level 1
Level 1

Did you get this to work.

I'm trying this with CUCME 9.1 and spa525. I se subscribe message on CUCME and ok response.

But line key on SPA525 still blinks orange.


No I didn't. It will never wor. And now when Cisco sold Linksys for sure it will not work. Switch to Cisco IP Phones or move to Asterisk Open Source ;(.