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Forbidden Admin Login??



I have two SPA502g IP phones connected to a UC320w. I need to check some settings on the IP phone directly, and can't seem to access the admin login. When I click on the login, I am not directed to a login screen and am instead presented with a 403 forbidden page.

I don't recall ever disabling any access to the phone itself, because this is the first time I've tried the phone's web access.. I've looked around the UC's configuration page and there isn't any option for admin login access for the phones.

My question is this; is there a setting on the IP phone or UC to change to allow access?

Thanks for your assistance.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Gregory,

The admin access to the phones is disabled when provisioned and used with the UC320W system.

The provisioning options are handled by the UC320W configuration utility.

For non default configuration changes the UC320W can be loaded with a Platform Modification File (PMF).

More information on PMF located here:

Is there some specific option that would like to verify?



Hi Randy,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, the Message Waiting Indicator is not flashing on the phones when a voicemail is left. I was reading in the admin documentation that there may be a way to enable that through the admin login. Since admin access is disabled by the UC, the only other way to set up the MWI is with a PMF? Is there another option within the UC configuration that I'm just not seeing?

**EDIT: I should also note that I checked each phones' preferences, and all settings associated with missed calls i.e. banner, notification, etc. have all been enabled. I'm still not sure why the light isn't lit when a message is left.



Hi Greg,

The MWI light on each phone is handled by the UC320W via SIP NOTIFY messages.

Couple points:

Can you login to UC320W status page -> Voicemail section -> and check status of each mailbox and look for new messages.  A new message should force the UC320W to turn on the MWI light on the associated phone.

Second can you submit feedback with your system configuration?  This will allow me review the system configuration:

Top right hand corner -> Services -> Feedback -> select -> Report Problem and the UC320W will email the configuration to me.




I've selected "Report Problem" and the logs should be sent over shortly.

Thanks for your assistance!


I know this is an old thread, but I'm having the same problem with not able to access the Admin Login.  I just get a "Forbidden".  Enable Web Admin Access is disabled and I need to know how to get it enabled.

I have a SPA509G running with a Cisco UC320W system.

Thank you

Hi Jason,

You have to enable the web access from the phone. Press Setup button on the phone. Scroll down and press Settings > Security Configuration > Web Access Enable. Press Edit and then Y/N to change the option and press SET.

If you do not find the Edit option, press **# and the Edit option will appear.

You can also modify the profile using the web interface. Press Setup button on the phone. Scroll down and press Settings > Security Configuration > Web Server Writable. Press Edit and then Y/N to change the option and press SET.

Now you can access the web GUI of the IP Phone.

Hope this information has helped you.


Naresh Arjunan

Hi Randy,

I'm trying to change the background image on the phones to show our logo as well as having a standard ringtone on all the phones, but I don't see where to change the configuration in the UC320W GUI and the admin interface is now locked on the webserver.

I'm having a similar issue with accessing the SPA504g phone, specifically being denied access to the admin login.  The PMF files don't address setting the date/time.  I need to be able to set the date/time through the SPA, at least that is what I've read.  There isn't a place to do that through the UC320w that I can find. Any suggestions

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