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How to configure a 3rd part SIP phone with a UC540


I have installed a UC540 and six 7942G phones over a year ago.  The client picked up an Aastra 400 SIP phone and want it to work with their current setup.  What are the steps necessary to make this happen?                  

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

CCA dosenot support your SIP phones, and we dont guarantee any potential interworking issue with not verified 3rd party.

here is general setup for SIP phone in UC500 through CLI's, there might need some adjustment.

voice service voip

allow-connections sip to sip


  registrar server expires max 600 min 60

  no update-callerid

voice translation-rule 412

rule 1 /^ABCD\(.*\)/ /\1/

voice translation-profile SIP_Passthrough

translate called 412

voice register global

mode cme

source-address X.X.X.X port 5060

no outbound-proxy

max-dn 56

max-pool 14

authenticate register


voicemail XXXX

tftp-path flash:

create profile sync

voice register dn  XX

translation-profile incoming SIP_Passthrough

number XXX

call-forward b2bua busy XXX

call-forward b2bua noan XXX timeout XX

call-forward b2bua unregistered XXX

name XXXX


label XXX


voice register pool XX


session-transport tcp          -> what your phone uses

number 1 dn XX

dtmf-relay rtp-nte          -> what your phone uses

username XXX password 1234          -> your setup

codec g711ulaw

Hello Mr. Kwon,

Thank you for your reply.

As I'm interested in using some Grandstream ip phones according to my uc540 bri k9, I wonder which CME version is required for your code shown below.

Actually, I'm running 8.2.something with the German locale.

Thanks in advance,


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yes, if that is a SIP phone. and you have to consider upgrade to 8.6.X since 8.2 dose not support SIP end-point.

to avoid any configuration error, after upgrade to 8.6.X and then configure the your SIP phone through CCA as 99XX (which is CCA supports) and then change whatever needed to be changed like transport protocol, user credentail and codec etc through CLI.

Great! Thank you.

Since we avoid using CCA in Germany, I need an advice or a how-to for upgrading to 8.6. Do you have any, or do you know where to find one?

Thanks in advance,


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with these assumption,

- not using CCA(FYI, in this case, there is no TAC support)

- there is no issue with CUE

you better keep current CUE image and upgrade CME alone with the latest M train image. just copy the image and reload.

the one thing you have to do if you using a SSL VPN, you should re-generate certificate for SSL through CLI.

After upgrade to M4, just do

UC500(config)#cry pki en

% Include the router serial number in the subject name? [yes/no]:no

000696: Apr 19 18:09:47.399: %CRYPTO-6-AUTOGEN: Generated new 512 bit key pair

% Include an IP address in the subject name? [no]:

Generate Self Signed Router Certificate? [yes/no]: yes

While this works the AutoAttendant doesn't seem to see the new sip extensions.  If you get the auto attendant and try to transfer to one of the SIP phone extensions you cannot also it does not appear in the CCA topology.   However if you tranfer to a Cisco Physical phone (303) you can then tranfer it to the SIP extension.  

Any advice would be helpfull.

You need to configure a CUE user with the correspondig number. Or you can use my "universal AA" that does not need that. It can be acquired on the website present in my profile.

You my friend are a Genius.   Thanks so much for your help.  

You are welcome. Please remember to rate useful posts clicking on the stars below.

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