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How to configure spa9000, SPA400 and spa8800 to build VOIP solution?



I am experimenting with VOIP with following goal:

Build cost effective and reliable VOIP solution for a company with two  branch offices (US and UK) with about 10 staffs each office.

Other general requirement

1. For each sites 4 local PSTN lines are available to connect to the VOIP system

2. Each sites need about 12 extensions (8 VOIP/SIP phone and 4 analog phones as extensions)

3. Provide voice mail functionality for all extensions.

4. Site 1 extension starts with 100 and site 2 extensions starts with 200

5. Users from either site should be able to dial local numbers from either locations using the PSTN lines

     Eg. dialed numbers starting with 9 should dial out through one of 4 PSTN lines connected to US office system

           dialed numbers starting with 8 should dial out through one of 4 PSTN lines connected to UK office system

6. Allow to connect to third party VOIP carrier to call any other countries (eg. numbers starting with 7 indicating to use the VOIP carrier to dial out)

Please suggest how can I build solution for this.

Can we use:

1. Cisco SPA9000  as central IP PBX in data center located in US.

2. Cisco SPA400 in each site as PSTN termination - 4 lines; which supports 16 voice mails

2. Cisco SPA8800 in each site as telephony gateway to provide 4 analog extension lines    

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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Sir;

SPA9000 Voice System is not designed/supported for multisite deployments like the one you mention. I suggest you take a look at the UC500 solution. UC520 should give you a solution to accomplish the below described scenario.


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