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How to use Smart CallConnector Toolbar with 64 bit Windows and 32 bit Outlook?

Tyler Bennett
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I am trying to get Smart CallConnector Toolbar working sucessfully on a computer with Windows 7 (64 bit) and Outlook 2007 (32 bit). The install procedure appears to complete successfully (no error indications) and I am able to use the CallConnector Popup from the task bar without issue. However, none of the expected toolbars or integration features are available in Outlook. The CallConnect toolbar is available in IE9 if I start IE9 explicitly in 64 bit mode but not in IE9 32 bit mode.

After working at this for a while I'm almost certain that the issue is simply that Cisco didn't include the 32 bit add-ins for Outlook and IE in the installer for 64 bit Windows (link below), however trying to get this recognized and corrected has been a struggle.

Has anyone else had the same issue or found a resolution?

This is the Smart CallConnector Toolbar installer that I have been try to get to work (should not require additional licences):

Smart CallConnetor Toolbar Installer version 2.1 for Windows x64 bits. For use with UC500 only

Cisco_SCC_Toolbar_Win_x64_2.1.0.4.exe [link]


Cisco support directed me to download and install a version of the Cisco Unified CallConnector Unified Personal Client (link below) that is specifically for Windows x32 or x64 with Outlook x32. I was able to get it working including Outlook integration, however a license is required to use this one beyond 45 days whereas the Smart CallConnector toolbar should be free to use with the UC560 or UC540.

This CallConnector Unified Personal Client that works (but requires an additional licenses):

CallConnector Personal Client Installer version 2.1 for Windows x32 or x64 bit with Outlook x32.
(Does not require server). For use with CME on ISR

Cisco_UCC_Personal_Outlook_x32. [link]


I have posted a work-around that will enable the 32-bit toolbars on a 64-bit operating system [link].

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Accepted Solutions

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CallConnector Team:

We will provide an installation for SCC Toolbar on Winx64 with Outlookx32.

Thank you for your interest and support.

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I might be wrong on this but... I would try installing the 32 bit version. Windows x64 supports 32 bit software... and since you have 32 bit outlook, and can run ie9 as 32bit, it should then work with them as well.

Just a thought.

Well... the only other advice I have besides getting cisco to fix the issue (good luck...) would be to install the standalone TAPI driver and just dial from outlook that way. Of course you do lose the "screen popups" in that scenario...

You could always upgrade Outlook...

Hi Tyler,

UCC/SCC products pertains with Outlook versions. So if you have Outlook x32bit, please install x32bit version. If you have Outlook x64bit, please install x64bit version. The reason for this is Outlook x32bit uses mapi.dll x32 and Outlook x64bit uses mapi.dll x64

In x64bit machines, IE toolbar is only available in IE x64. Same as x32bit machines.


CallConnector Team


Thank you for your response. Your statement is correct with respect to the UCC Personal client software but is not correct with respect to the SCC Toolbar software that I am trying to get working (both installers are referenced above).

The 32 bit Smart CallConnect Toolbar installer (Cisco_SCC_Toolbar_Win_x32_2.1.0.4.exe) does not allow itself to be installed on a 64 bit operating system.

What we need is an installer for the Smart CallConnector Toolbar that can handle 32 bit Outlook running on  64 bit Windows. Cisco evidently recognized this need for the UCC Personal Client but failed to make the same available for the SCC Toolbar. Please elevate this to your development team.


Cisco support:

You will need to have Windows and Outlook running together with both 64bit or both at 32 bit. They can not be mismatch...   Our escalations are for break/fix issues.  This is a design change/improvement request.  The toolbar works if you download it and use it as intended with matching 64 or 32 bit software. 
I will close this case in 24 hours unless you have any objections because this is no longer a break/fix issue. 

It would seem to me that this is a bug or an oversight that affects a huge number of new computers being sold today and within the last year or so; as such should be "fixed". Its not a "feature request" but I'm happy to call it what you will if only someone would fix it. 

The solution has already been implemented in the UCC Personal Client software. The SCC Toolbar software appears to be merely a scaled down version of that software so the solution should be readily applied, if the problem is not ignored.

Tyler Bennett
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Level 1

I'm having a bit of trouble getting Cisco to actually recognize this as an issue so I scrounged the forum and found multiple discussions having comments related to the same issue:

Smart CallConnector Toolbar (free edition)

Smart CallConnector Toolbar and Outlook 2010 not working

Smart CallConnector Toolbar Windows7 IE9

Smart CallConnector Toolbar

Smart CallConnector Toolbar and Outlook 2010 not working

Tyler Bennett
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Level 1

Ok, after having zero luck in getting Cisco to fix the Smart CallConnect Toolbar installers I have developed a workaround that appears to work for the special case of 32-bit Outlook running on 64-bit Windows. Please try this at your own risk and let me know if you have success or failure.

My testbed: Outlook 2007 (32-bit), Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) with UAC dialed right down.

  1. Download both of the following files to your computer:            

  2. Install the x64 Toolbar 'Cisco_SCC_Toolbar_Win_x64_2.1.0.4.exe' being sure to complete the CME TSP Wizard (might require a restart). This should install without issue and you will be able to use the CallConnect popup to manage phone calls however no toolbar will be available in 32-bit Outlook or 32-bit Internet Explorer (IE). You will notice however that a toolbar is available in IE 64-bit.

  3. Completely exit the CallConnect Popup and any running instances of Outlook, IE.

  4. Next, try to install the x32 Toolbar. It won't let you, it will extract some files to a temporary location and show you a message indicating that this application cannot be installed on a 64 bit PC. Be sure not to click 'OK' on the resulting error window at this point (we need to collect the extracted files from the temporary location).

  5. Enter "%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Temp" (without the quotes) into the address of a Windows Explorer window to find the temporary extraction folder. Within this folder should be several folders with the 'Date Modified' property timestamped for the time you attempted to install the x32 Toolbar. Locate the folder containing the file named 'Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar.msi' and copy the folder or folder contents to a location of your choice.

  6. Next click the 'OK' button on the message window that resulted from your attempt to install the x32 Toolbar (Step 4). This will delete the temporary folders.

  7. Open a command prompt in the folder to which you copied 'Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar.msi' (shift+right-click the folder and select 'open command window here'.

  8. At the command prompt enter the following command and press enter:
    msiexec /qn /log install.log /i "Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar.msi"
    You will see no messages but this command will install the x32 Smart CallConnect popup and toolbar add-ins to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar'. You can review the newly created install.log file to verify the installation completed successfully.

  9. In a Windows Explorer Windows navigate to ''C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar" and execute the 'registerall.bat' batch file. This will register the x32 toolbar add-ins for Outlook and IE.

  10. The CallConnect Popup links on the desktop and start menu will now point to the x32 version. Start the CallConnect popup an run the CME TSP Wizard again.

  11. If all went well you should now have functioning toolbars in Outlook (32-bit), IE (32-bit) and IE (64-bit) all running on your 64-bit Windows OS.

Feel free to drop Cisco a line and ask them to fix their installer as that of course is the preferable solution.

One extra piece is needed if you are using Outlook 2010.

The 32-bit installer will load up the Outlook 2007 toolbar, rather than the Outlook 2010 ribbon.

To fix this, ensure that Outlook is closed, and then...

cd /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar"

regsvr32 /u ccSCCToolbarOutlook.dll

regsvr32 ccFreeOutlookRibbon.dll

If you try and load both the toolbar and the ribbon, Outlook will crash.

Level 1
Level 1

CallConnector Team:

We will provide an installation for SCC Toolbar on Winx64 with Outlookx32.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Can we get an ETA for the updated installer? I'm wondering whether I need to roll out the work-around or whether it might be best to wait for the revised installer (if we can expect it reasonably soon).