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Need help with multisite CFWD config


Hello guys, 

I've searched a bit through the forum, and I am not sure I understand clearly if what I am doing is not supported, or if it could work and I am doing something wrong.

So here is it :


Setup :

1 UC560 connected to T1 line (main office MO). Extensions 2xx

1 UC520 connected to 4 PSTN lines (branch office BO) Extensions 1xx

There is a tunnel between them. Multisite settings is 752xx to reach MO from BO and 741xx to reach BO from MO.

There is a floating extension configured at MO so that when we call 119 from MO it translates to 74119. This is working


Problem :

Now, if I make a call from a cell phone to MO, and try to reach 119, as mentioned it works. 

But if the guy at BO on extension 119 configures his phone to forward the calls to his cell phone, this is where we run into a problem.

People from MO will be able to call extension 119 and actually reach the user's cell phone. But if we make an outside call (cell phone or other) to the MO and compose the 119 extension, the call gets dropped.


Any ideas, pointers as to what I am doing wrong here? Same thing happens if I use SNR instead of manual CFWD config

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and respond :)

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