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New uc540 Deployment, repeating numbers with long key press on SPA525G2

Isssue that I am having.  My client has a new UC540 build with all SPA525G2 phones with the latest firmware.  Since having the system for 1 day, they have accidentently dialed 911 5 times from dialing 9 then a 1 for long distance but if they press the 1 key too long, it repeats itself just like if you hold a key in on a keyboard.  Before calling Tech Support, I thought I would ask the community to see if anybody has any suggestions for me on how to keep the numbers from repeating themselves when holding the key in for more than a half a second?

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I cannot beleive I am the only person that is having any issues with this.  With the access code set to 9, my client has accidently dialed 911 6 times since Sunday.  I have changed the Access Code to 8 but this is not the answer as they are having issues just dialing normal numbers.  I did a test with my SPA504G here at the office on a UC560 and it doesn't behave in the same way.  It takes atleast 2 seconds for the second dtmf tone to come up when the phone is off-hook and when it is on hook, it doesn't repeat at all.  This 504G is on 7.5.2c and the 525G2 is on the latest from the latest software pack.

Can you provide the configuration.

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- Please rate helpful posts -

We had a couple 911 calls our first couple days with our uc540. What came up with was that our old phone system buttons had a different feel. With these cisco phones, if you press the button all the way down in a quick press, the nunbers never double for us. You can hold down forever and never get a duplicate. But if you press slowly or don't press the button all the way, I can get double numbers when pressing. I think that there's a point in the actuation that the button can float between on and off and that can give you double numbers (I think in the gaming community that this is called "spamming" the button). Our old system took less pressure to press the button all the way down and as soon as we told everyone to press harder we haven't had a accidental 911.

If you push a button half way down and shake it left to right you can see a good example of how to spam the button. Yeah, that isn't how a person dials, but the first few days we got double-numbers just with people making calls. We have a few spa and a few 7900 series and we had issues on both but more on the spa phones.

One specific person had the most trouble and this person doesn't have the most stable hands... She wasn't calling 911, but she just couldn't dial the right number because they'd get an unintentional double digit in the middle of their dialing. She really has to press every number deliberately to make calls--I wish I had a better solution for her because it makes here feel dumb.

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