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night service causes 7965G phones to become unresponsive


I have a client with a UC540W system setup with one Callblast group so that all phones ring when there is an incoming call, I have auto attendant turned off and the CNF set to 60 so the phones ring long enough for someone to get to them and answer the call.  He does not want any auto attendant answering.

Night service is set on one phone extension 102 to call forward to the callblast group voicemail ext. 512 from 6pm to 7am. He does not want the phones to ring after closing hours and this setting is the only one that works so there is no (call service bell) phone setup. This setting works as calls are routed to the 512 voicemail immediatly.

However the next morning all the phones except for the one setup to call forward in Night service are non-functional. No dial tone, cannot make inside or outside calls. If I go to CCA 3.2 and reboot the phones they all start working again. I do not have a systemschedule setup since we are not using the auto attendant. but I have tried that to see if it would make a difference but there was no change. The system is currently using version 8.2  I am faily new to this system and have tried to stay away from using the CLI as cisco recommends but I am comfortable using it if thats what it takes.  I have noticed that If I setup a 525G phone on the system it does not have this issue it only happens with the 7965G phones. Am I missing something or are these phones just not compatable with Nightservice. Any advise or direction to look in would be appreciated..


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I had the same issue at a client except I am using 7945's at that site.  Never found a resolution. Removed all phones from night service and the phone lockup problem went away. I know this doesn't help but figured that you might want to know of someone that had the same issue.

Thanks for the info. If I find a resolution I'll let you know.. Cheers..

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