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SOFTKEY programmable: call parking absent??

Level 1
Level 1

Just purchased some spa514G phones and there is no call parking option available as softkey!!!

After 5 hours of reading... page 75, I still don't understand how to make the call parking available.


Can someone help me? The example is for speed dial, but I need it for call parking.


It says doesn't appear by default on the phone...

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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

As far as I know, there is no generic way to invoke call parking feature. If you disclose how the call parking needs to be invoked on PBX you are connected to, then we may advice how to configure the softkey. Or not as it may not be possible.



I think in asterisk u have to press *2 then the # of the parking slot. Again I am not sure, it sounds a lot like blind parking and call transfer

So you need to send a DMTF during current call. 

Unfortunately, it's not possible with PSK as far as I know.

See also: Configuring DTMF on soft keys or Line Keys - SPA5xx IP phone