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SPA 504G and 3CX IP PBX

Installed 3 SPA 504G with 3 different phone lines.

Since customer has not got multiple SIP sessions with the provider (Engin) I put 3CX as an IP PBX.

I mapped one of each of those numbers to one Ext on the 504's.

So one number goes to Ext 1 which shows 1000 in the LCD, then Ext 2 as 1001 and Ext 3 as 1002. All three phones programmed the same way and all extensions are private.

When an incoming calls is received (example on line 2 that is mapped to Ext 2 as 1001) all 3 phones turn the corresponding button from solid green to dashing red. Anyone can pick. All works like a charm.

So where is my drama ?

My problem is that if someone wishes to do an outgoing call, then say picking up the handset and pressing Ext 3 mapped to the third outside number, I would expect that the green light on the other phones will go Red to indicate someone is using Ext 3 but they are all green !

What can I do or what am I doind wrong......or did not do in the first place? I do not think this is on the 3CX side?

Any lights, please..........with the right colour?????

Thanks !

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