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Using HP Procurve with UC520


So I am going to be trying to deploy a UC520 into an existing infrastructure with HP Procurve switches. From what I've read this is a little tricky. Just wondering if someone can give me a heads up on the problems I may encounter.

If I plan to have the UC520 handle the routing would I just configure the Expansion port on the UC520 to trunk the two vlans (1 data, 100 voice) and then configure the port on the Procurve for both vlan 100 and vlan 1. Would I mark both as tagged or just the voice vlan?

How different would it be, if they were using an existing router and the UC520 would be acting more like a server than an appliance. 

Any considerations with the PoE and SPA504g phones? I read somewhere that the phones don't like using the protocol HP uses for PoE.

Anyone with any experience doing something similar who can answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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