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SPA504G Line Key Configurations

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Level 1

I've got a 3CX system setup on an internal server and 5 Cisco SPA504G Phones. I'm trying to configure the unused line keys on the phones to be Speed Dial, Busy Lamp Field, and Call Pickup buttons for other extensions in the office. This is the setup I used under the 'Phone' tab for each unused Line Key:

Extension:                    Disabled

Share Call App:             shared

Extended Function:       fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=11@$PROXY;ext=11@$PROXY;nme=11

11 is obviously the extension I'm trying to monitor. The speed dial function works fine so I know it's close to being correct but the LED shows Orange on the phones which I know means the line isn't registered. Other than the settings mentioned above, what else needs to be configured to get the BLF working as well as the CP? I've tried many things without any luck.

Side note, we are able to make calls and everything on these phones so the system is fully working. This is my last task is to get the BLF's working.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 1

Did you get this working?  Pretty sure the share call appearance needs to be private.


The shared line appearance on every ext. tab needs to be set to private as well, only the phones main ext. should be shared.

The shared call app should be set to private for every Line Key except your main number for the phone.

I've tried this combo before and it doesn't seem to work. From my experiences the SD actually makes another phone call to the user that you are trying to CP, therefore adding two calls to one device. Seems that you can only have SD or CP, but the BLF works great. 


This one works every time.

The orange buttons probably mean your Ext. 1 tab isn't configured properly. Remember to leave that one shared on the dedicated phone so the other phones can see it.

Can this configuration monitored PBX user registration state?



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