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SPA504G Speed Dial

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Level 1

Is the only way to program speed dial on the SPA504G through CCA, on unused buttons?  this would indicate a maximum of three possible speed dials.   The documentation for the phone is contradictory, suggesting that speed dials can be set up to work by going off hook, typing the speed dial number and pressing dial.  However, ther does not appear to be any way to do this.

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Steven Smith
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Level 7

There are several ways to configure speed dials.  This link should help.

I've seen that, but I'd like the end-user to be able to add speed dials, in the manner described in the 504G documentation, if possible.

I will have to test this, I have done the procedure before on a 7960, but not on a SPA504.

There also might be a service on the phone for adding speed dials if you look under services -> CME services.

Hi Steve,

Did you work it out ?  We have customer asked same question - can end user add speed dials on the SPA handset by themselves ?


I have had a simmilar problem at a customer's site with 7965's. I could not get an add button when ithe directory configurtion of the phone, under personal speed dilas. I unlocked the phone and still there was no add soft button.

Anybody else experienced this?

Hi Naum,

I think I just found the answer we need in this post :

Here is the instructions from ripratt


On the spa504X phones, with the latest firmware:

1) press the settings button

2) CME services (#4)

3) My Phone Apps (#3)

4) a. Speed dial buttons - (abbreviated dial by pressing 1 key) is option 1

b. Personal speed dial - (accessible by directory button) is option 2

5) Once you navigate to either a or b, you can add new entries and edit existing entries.

After your personal speed dials are entered, they can be accessed from the directory button on the phone. Not intuitive, but it works.


if you have SPA phone right in front of you , can  you test it and let me know if that works ?   Its after hours in Australiia and I can't wait to know if that actually works

Thank you for the post billymobilizer,

I can not test it at home, but I will test it next time I am on site, probably mid next week.

The customers are using 7965, but I will try to go throught the simillar instructions.

I will let you know how I go

This is a common question from our customers. I created a document that details all the different types of speed dials -- what they are, how to configure them, and how to use them. I've attached it as a PDF.

Please rate if you find this useful!

(BTW -- once you have the speed dial buttons entered, the option you were looking for is "AbbrDial" to "quick dial" someone in your speed dial list -- you can find this detailed in my document.)

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