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Spa509 Shared line

don bellamy
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Level 1

     How do you enable a SPA500 series phone to accept more than 1 call on a shared extension? I read somewhere you can use ephone-dn,overlay - is this possible with the UC320W?            

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Hi Don,

There is a subtle difference in terminology.  I'll try to help clarify.  The UC320W supports 1 call on a Shared FXO Line  and 2 calls on a Shared Extension.  We do not support telco based Call Waiting.  If you need more appearanced on a Shared Extension, you can configure a second Shared Extension button for a total of 4 possible calls.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the quick response. If I configure a 2nd shared extension, how are the two joined to create 4 calls. Ex: have an extension called Sales - how do I get 4 calls handled by this extension?

Hi Don,

On a 2 button shared extension configuration, the first incomming call will alert on the top shared extension button (A).  If that call remains in talk and a second call comes in, it will alert on the second shared extension button (B).  If that call is answered, and a third call comes in the extension line button will alert indicating another call, etc.

So you can have two call context per extension button.  The way you switch between them is by placing a call on hold and then using the round rocker key, to select the call you want on the LCD screen of the phone.


Ok, Thanks

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