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SPA9000 FXS voicemail


I cannot get access to voicemail using FXS, it is a needed feature. I have tried adding <*86:vmm> to the FXS dial plan but stll no luck. All I get when I dial *86 is a busy signal. I am using Voip service through, and I can access the voicemail just fine through the spa942 when I dial *86. I also tried dialing 9 first then *86, but still not working. Please help!


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Unfortunately the SPA9000 doesn't allow voicemail for the built-in FXS ports.  When running the wizard, you'll notice that the option to give it a mailbox is greyed out.

It would seem rather absurd to not support this feature, but I also was wondering if there was a way to take advantage of other PBX features that are offered on a upstream PBX. My senario is that the voip company I use has a bunch of other * (star) feature access codes such as a reminder call. They host this feature on their PBX obviously, but I'm registering the spa9000 with their PBX, is there a way to tell the spa9000 that when I dial the star code feature associated with their PBX that it will go through?


Dear Sir;

It is possible, you need to include the *xx on the phone dial plan (provided the code to use the feature is e.g. *21#). Please note this should not be in conflict with any other supplementary service number available internally on the SPA9000. If they are in conflict, remove the star code (on the service area) of the phones/SPA9000.

I suggest you take a look at the SPA9000 admin guide for the dial plan details.


Adding *xx to the phone's dial plan could be redundant in this case.  By default, the SPA9000 will accept vertical "star" codes from any of it's registered users.  In order to send vertical codes out to the other PBX, you will need to modify the Call Routing Rule under the SIP tab.  Using the following syntax, this will allow the codes to exit the trunk that the other PBX is registered on.

Default Call Routing Rule:


If the other PBX is registered on Trunk 2 aka Line 2, then it would look something like this:


You will need to update the outgoing dial plan on that trunk as well. (Line 2 tab in this example)

Default dialplan:


Changed to:


One last note, if you would like to send select vertical codes to the other PBX, that the SPA9000 utilizes as well, just remember to remove them from the Regional tab.  (The previous steps on modifying the CRR will still need to be done)

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