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Speed Dial with UC320W and SPA525G2 Phones


I need to program speed dial extensions/codes for use on my system.

Even if that means uploading a spreadsheet via USB stick to each phone, thats fine, but I need to have a list of vendors that I can dial with short codes or extensions.

How can I accomplish this with this system?

Can I map a feature code or extension to a directory contact?


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Hi Brian,

You can upload a spreadsheet to the External Directory at Directory page of the Configure Utility. After apply the configuration, you will see them at each phone menu->Directory->Corporate Directory->External Directory. You can dial them from there by moving the cursor to the number and pressing dial softkey.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,


Thanks Wenjin but we wanted to be able to dial an extension or feature code to make a call to one of our vendors in the directory.

I guess I will have to get a sidecar in order for this funtionality?

Speed Dialing (or Abbreviated Dialing) is a hugepain point on this system/  I've brought thsi up before but would appreciate if CISCO could consider an enhancement request to address.

Note today to dial a system speed dial (on a 525G2) you have to press three phone buttons just to be presented with a choice of numbers (Directory->Corporate Directory->External Directory + then scroll to the selected number.)   At this point it's quicker to dial the number manually.

Suggestion is to dedicate an entire initial dialing digit only to speed dials.  Meaning if you have a 3 digit system, dedicate maybe "4" as a speed dial designation.  Then have a menu via the CISCO Web configuration utility whcih allows for programming of all speed dial numbers.

As an example, once programmed, dialing a local extension such as 4XX would then dial the associated external number.

401 might be directed to 9,214-555-1212, 432 might be directed to 8,312-555-1111.  So in the case of a 3 digit system you would be able program 100 Speed Dial / Abbreviated numbers whcih could be dialed (must easier) from ANY phone (not just a 525G2) on thsi system.

Thanks for the Consideration.

Yes, I admit this is my fault for not confirming we could do this with this device before purchasing, but I frankly assumed that this was a standard feature in any "modern" telephony system.

Hell, our old (10 years?) Panasonic PBX could do this...!

Here's a new question... How is this not a feature?

Can we submit a feature request?

This is something that should be a part of this system!


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