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Telephony Wizard Not Recognizing Phones


Brand new UC560 out of the box...  Trying to use the CCA 3.1(1) telephony wizard to start our setup.  The wizard will not recognize any of the phones that I have plugged into the system.  They all show up on the Topology view but none of them have IP addresses.  Have a mixture of 7942's and SPA525G's currently plugged in.  I've got to be missing something simple.  Any ideas???

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Good afternoon,

We need a little more information about the switches your are using and the setup you have

Check the firmware of the switch to make sure it is compatible with the UC560

The switch is an SG 300-28P


Progress!  Now it sees the SPA525G in the telephony wizard but the 7942's are not showing up yet.  When they reboot the Configuring IP still shows up on the display then it blinks out and you see "configuring sm list" (or something like that it also blinks out super fast) and then you see configuring IP again...  Its in some sort of  vicious loop.  If you jump into the settings and look at the network configuration, the DHCP server is correct now and it thinks it has an IP but it never seems to finish the boot process???  I did update the firmware on the UC560 to 8.2 and selected to install the phone software for the 7942 earlier today (when things weren't working so well).  Is it getting a bad image from the host?

BTW: that firmware update on the SG 300-28 changed everything!  It looks like IOS now when I telnet in.  Pretty cool...

Resolved!  Talked to Cisco and it was a VLAN issue on the new switch...  Once we had the VLAN correctly set to 100, all the phones got the correct IP addresses from the DHCP server.  When they rebooted, they got the lastest config from the host and everything was good.  The "Quick Start" documentation for the UC560 leaves a little to be desired.  Aside from the switch not having the latest firmware, a few more details in the doc would have gone a long way...

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