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UC320w wrong name displayed when calling extension

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Level 1

On one of our clients' UC320w systems, they have an extension with an employee's name on it. That employee was let go, and a new employee is at that extension. We changed the name in the users tab inside the UC320w. Now when they call that extension number, the old employee's name appears on their display, UNTIL the new employee picks up, then it changes to the correct name.

We have rebooted the system and phones multiple times, upgraded/downgraded the firmware, but the old name just doesn't want to come off the system.

Where else might that name be listed, and what can we do to get the name updated properly?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Chris,

Please check if there is an entry in the phones personal directory.  From the information you provided it sounds like there is an entry with the old employee's name in the phone and that is what is being presented on the phones display.



They do not have any entries in their personal directories, but I think you may be on to something. I had them check from every phone to verify this is happening to everyone. On some phones it has the ex-employee's name. Others it says !120 (which is the extension number). And still others it has an even older ex-employee's name. None of them actually show the correct information.

So it is probably something stuck in each phone. But rebooting/power-cycling does not resolve the issue.

Hi Chris,

If there is a directory entry or a speed dial for that extension in the phone the incomming call will display the information stored locally in the phone.  You can first try to factory reset the phone that is displaying the wrong information via the settings button on the phone.  If that doesn't clear the information, you can force a rebuild of the phones configuration file which is stored on the UC320W by:

1.  Unplugging the problem phone

2.  Launch the UC320W Configuration Utility

3.  Save a backup of your configuration.

4.  Go to Configuration -> Devices -> Phones.  There should be an 'X' to delete the phone you have unplugged.  Click the X to delete.  NOTE:  This may cause some errors on other pages if the user was a member of a shared extension ext.  Make note of the errors and deselect the user on those pages to clear all errors.

5.  Apply the Configuration

6.  Reconnect the phone and then factory reset the phone -- wiping the built in memory on the phone.

7.  After the phone has stopped rebooting and is idle.  Exit and relaunch the UC320W Configuration Utility

8.  Reassociate the user with the phone and and readd the user to any shared huntgroups, lines, extensions, etc and reprovision any buttons on the phone buttons page.

9.  Apply the configuration.


I have a customer experiencing this exact issue as well. There have been no phone or directory changes since installation. The customer does not have any speed dials or personal directory enties.  The system has been upgraded to the current firmware. The phones are all SPA525G2's.  Only on some phones does the wrong name appear when diaing an internal extension. Once the extension answers, the correct name shows on the callers display.

I have not yet tried resetting and deleting the extensions. This seems pretty drastic.