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UC540 and 7975g IP Phone VPN


Hey All

We have a small office that recenly implemented a UC540 and all 7975g IP Phones. What I am wondering is this, is it possible to configure these phones to run as a VPN phone so we can have a couple at other small location offices we have with what we currently have or do we need to purchase something else?

I have noticed we have the "Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express" editon installed on the UC540 at the moment and logging in to that doesnt give me any VPN confguration details and I believe on the SPA525 phones are configurable usng the SSL anyconnect within the CCA software.

Any help wouldbe greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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The 7975 is not supported with SSL VPN on the UC500 yet. But it is supported on CME, so presumably it will be added to UC500 at some point...

As you may have noticed, the UC500 runs CME firmware... but it is a modified version that is usually a few versions behind CME and sometimes has features changed/disabled.

CME software on the UC500 does not have any features changed or disabled compared to the ISR routers.

The only difference is that it supports more types of SPA phones.


In that case the SSL VPN for the 7975 should work in SWP 8.6.0 since that feature was added in CME 8.5?

I assume command line config would be necessary, but the system should support it?

Yes it should support it, but I did not completed my testing becase it requires to configure phone autentication, that is too burdening as requirement.


Hey Guys

Thanks for the replies

From what I can tell i dont believe the 7975 has the SSL VPN embedded with the phone. Can you install this feature?

I notice you can't configure the VPN from the CME gui as it seems to be only an express version with the uc540. Also i believe i have read that if you configure the uc500 range from the CLI it voids your support from the TAC.


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