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UC540 transfer to page all screws things up... :)

Mark Smith
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Level 1

Ok, so I programmmed a button on everyone's phone as a page all at their request.

In case it's important, the only way I saw to program the button was to put the page all number, 101, in the speed dial. Then it shows up on the first unused button on our spa509g which is the very last round button on everyone's phone. Don't know if that's important, but it was the only way I could firgure to get it working. If there's a better way to add the page all button, I'd love to know.

So when the user accidently tranfered to the page all instead of parking, There was no way to control the fact that everyone was on the call till the caller hung up. That in itself was annoying. Is there anyway to recall or immediately end a page all?

Seccondly, after that happened (after the caller hung up), nobody could use the page all. If the page all was pressed it was busy until l rebooted the system after hours. Is there any way to fix this if it happens again? From the phones preferably?

I just now saw the discussion where they said to put page all to a single button press. That may help, but since the users are putting a call on park and then calling page all, I can see these guys still getting confused. I'm hoping there is some way to close a page all without restarting.

Old discussion:

Thanks for your help!


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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame

This has been even asked again in another thread yesterday, and was asked then before.

it is not possible to block transfers to an external extension.

So it's a matter of user education, perhaps you should disable single-button transfer and/or page-speed dial where not really necessary.

Apparent time savers can cause more trouble than benefit.

Ok, but is it possible to un-busy the page all without rebooting the system? After a call is transfered to my page group, the caller hangs up eventually, but the page group number remains busy. It seems to me that it should be released when the call is terminated.

Yes it shoudl be released. Which IOS version are you using ?

I updated to the 8.6.2. If a call is accidently transfered to page all, the outside call will be able to talk through all phones till they hang up. There will be a off hook noise for a few seconds and then I won't hear anything else through the phones. But if I hit the page all button from any phone, it say  page all is busy. I can't figure out how to stop this without rebooting the UC540.

Is that a PSTN  caller ? Are you using FXO lines ?