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uc540 w 525s over sslvpn - no outbound calls?

Jeff Cooper
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I have a uc540 I've primarily setup with CCA but did some of the vpn work myself since it was a special install and CCA was choking on some things.  Primarily the client didn't have the ability to create vlans for the voice and phones.  And CCA didn't like not having a voice vlan.  That aside, here's my issue I hope someone can assist with.

I have a couple 525g2s setup using anyconnect into the uc540.  The uc540 is directly on the internet and the remote 525g2s establish a connection successfully.  The remote phones can receive calls from the outside world, and can call each other.  The phones can access voicemail and so forth.  All works successfully on the phones except one item - when they make an outbound call.

When they make an outbound call, i can "show call active voice" and show the call being established to the outside world and the timer ticking away.  On the phones it shows connected and the timer ticks away.  But the receipient phone in the outside world doesn't get a ring.  So for example, if i call my cell phone from a remote phone, the uc540 and remote 525g2 both show the call established and in progress, but there's no call to my cell phone.

All other facets of the phone system are working optimally.  All phones local to the uc540 can make outbound calls without issue.  System is running 8.6 with latest phone firmware.

Thank you!

ChicagoUC540#show call active voice com
<callID>  A/O FAX T<sec> Codec       type        Peer Address       IP R<ip>:<udp>
Total call-legs: 2
       154 ANS     T32    g711ulaw    TELE        P120
       155 ORG     T32    g711ulaw    TELE        P81XXXYYY7680


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Jeff Cooper
Level 1
Level 1


Turns out it was a FXO port issue.  Client had 4 POTS lines from Comcast.  Fourth line wasn't activated yet, but fourth line had top precedence in the dial peers.  Made it last in precedence so it doesn't get hit and hopefully it's activated soon. 

Problem resolved.