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UC560 - auto attendant not applying any changes

Sherwin Clarke

I configurated auto attendant 1  (standard) however the changes I made are not being applied. I keep getting what seems to be the default recording regardlesss of the changes I make:

"Welcome to the automated attendant.  To enter the ph # of the person you are trying to reach press 1.  To enter the name of the person you are trying to reach press 2.  To transfer to the operator press 0".  I need to hear my own voice recording!

Also when I configure auto attendant 2 and dial it using from internal it rings out.  Even when I record a message to be used it would disappear if i close the auto attendant window.  These settings are not "saved" from the main window but "applied" in the auto attendant window.

Please help

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Yasien Adams

Hi Sherwin,

How are you recording your AA prompts?

Try using a more advanced script, rather than the default AA (system) script.

Especially, if you plan on recording different prompts for business hours and closed hours.

im using aa_sbcs_v04 and it works well.

i've enabled record prompts from handset.

from there you can overide the default AA greeting as well as record your custom prompts.

once recorded you can choose them from the AA setup window.



The default script I am using (aa_sbcs_v03.aef).  I tried to keep it simple. I tried using one of the opening hrs .wav file and the closed hrs .wave file that the system provided but still no luck.  I defined the buttons 0,1,2 as call Operator Number, Call by Number, and call Voicemail.  This does not work, also not sure how to setup call 0 for the operator.

I am doing the recording via the PC. Should I try recording from the phone instead?

I even tried usind other AA scripts but the AA prompt is the same.  Maybe the .wav file is the same for all the AA scripts?


Hello Sherwin,

Do you use CCA or CUE's web GUI to configure the Auto Attendant? If you use CCA, please, ensure that your PC has an access to CUE's IP address (default one is Also, when you change AA script CCA instructs CUE to download the script from your PC using FTP protocol - check if Windows Firewall doesn't block incoming connections from to TCP 21.



Hi Ivan,

I understand that is the IP address of the integrated service module for CUE, however my PC is set with IP address 192.168.10.x to access UC560 via CCA.  Even when I set the IP address i do not get a ping reply from CUE on the UC560.  Is it possible that the configuration changes I make in CCA are not being pushed out to CUE  because of IP addressing issues?  Should I set a second IP address in the same range of the IP address of CUE? 


sherwin, you should be able to see the 10.x.x.x network from your pc using an ip address from the 192.168.x.x network.

do not give yourself a 10.x.x.x address.

I am not sure when u say "see" what you mean.  The IP addresses of tha various VLAN interfaces are below.  My PC is configured to connect to and only this address I can ping.


VLAN 90   

VLAN 100     

I think that the voice message that I am getting all the time is the AAWelcome message regardless of whatever changes I make in AA configuration.  When I dial the AA number internally the AAWelcome message plays and disconnects after about 10 repeats if I leave it

I am wondering if there is a problem with the other .WAV files.

CCA 3.2.1

Software Pack 8.6.0

CME 8.6

CUE 8.6.3

IOS 15.1(4)M4b, CIBU Special

Dear Ivan,

Many thanks for the response (and to everyone else as well that  responded), this prompted me in the correction.  All the while i thought  the issue was related to AA in CCA but the last thing I expect is a  networking / routing problem.

The problem was a simple  one.  I didn't had default gateway on my PC set to IP address of UC560,  also when I did my wireless was connected as well so I had to disable,  and when i ping to CUE  ---> BINGO!

thx all.

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