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UC560 transferring call at voicemail question

Brandon Smith
Level 1
Level 1

Hello all,

I'm having an issue with our UC560.  Whenever someone calls in to an extension and gets sent to voicemail, they are unable to get back to an operator or auto attendant.  We thought that hitting 0 on the phone would do that, but when I try that the voicemail attendant says "please wait while I transfer your call" and then it ends up hanging up.  Can anyone give me some guidance on solving this issue?  I looked through CCA and CUE interface and was having trouble finding any options related to this.  Thanks for any help!

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Level 4
Level 4

Hello Brandon,

Please verify that you have the voicemail operator extension defined. You can access that in CCA under Configure -> Telephony -> User/Extensions -> Voicemail. The default voicemail caller input options are: 0 for transfer to operator, * to login to the voicemail account as the user, and # to skip the greeting. You can add additional options here like 1 to go to the auto attendant. To access the caller input options goto the mailboxes tab in voicemail, click edit while a mailbox is selected, and you will be able to manage the voicemail caller input selections.

Hope this helps.



Darren DeCroock
Level 4
Level 4


Individual options for a voicemail box can be edited in CCA:  Configure > Telephony > Users/Extensions > Voicemail.

Go to the "mailboxes" tab at the top, then choose the mailbox you want to change, and click "edit" at the bottom.

(It can also be adjusted in the CUE web interface, but I would have get into it to be able to tell you the exact steps.)

Thank you,