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Using PSKs on SPA504G to send DTMF tones for Dynamic Call Parking

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Hello all,

I have seen where questions similar to this have been asked but I haven't found a good answer to this question yet. We have customers with the SPA 504Gs and the current method for using dynamic call parking with our system is a bit cumbersome for them. We are using the Netsapiens SIP server on the server end. The way Netsapiens supports dynamic call parking is through a dial translation using *** to send calls to the queues. So, while a customer is on a call, they would just push *** and the server announces the slot the call is parked on. The *s are sent as RFC 2833 RTP events.

Is there any way to send DTMF RTP events using the PSKs? I have tried different combinations from postings here and in the admin guide to no avail. It seems to me that using either ext=***@$PROXY or sub=***@PROXY will attempt to send SIP packets and not RTP packets. Is sending RTP event packets while a call is connected even possible with the PSKs? Any guidance someone can give would be very appreciated.


Paul McClure

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