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CCA will Connect to UC540 - Office Manager will no longer connect


While setting up our Demo UC 540 we had the Office Manager application setup and working on a pc.  After we completed the setup of the Smart CallConnector Server we can no longer access the UC 540 with the Office Manager.  The CCA still works on the same IP address, but cannot get the office manager to connect.

The only error information that I get is that it is unable to communicate with the UC500.

Are there some ports or other settings that I can check on the UC 540 to get an idea of what is going on?



There is a tool SBSC has called ConfigAnalyzer, which parses the running config of IOS and CUE and highlights CLI which CCA may object to.   I used it a few times. But it's really for CCA error isolation.

You case is OM is objecting. No tool there.

There is a post that shows how to set OM to debug (1.2 is the latest I think?) and collect the logs. Then open a case.

Your assumption that SCC config GUI set something, which is new and OM doesn't like it is probably correct.

I haven't seen that before.

I have not been able to find a config analyzer that is not related to WLC... is that the one that you are referring to?

After doing some additional research I think that the problem came up when we setup the CallConnector and had to setup Radius in the CallConnector Configuration Manager.

According to the research that I have done, Office Manager has no tolerance for any changes to the UC 540 that do not come directly from CCA.  It does not look like the CCA has any Radius settings that I can find so I am not sure how to have both Office Manager and CallConnector on the same system.

Going to start another discussion on CallConnector.

Also an email to with the above post content will get you a fast answer from the call connector team.

The config analyzer I refer to is a TAC tool (not public distribution), so you have to call them 866-606-1866 for that.

Its very sad to see the SCC configuration manager for SCC isnt allowed since its a key application for UC.

David Trad
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This whole thread has now explained to me why OM is not working on the systems where I have deployed SCC, I kept on thinking that it was something I did wrong, but I have worked on a way to get it to work some of the time, the thing is I cant remember how I did it because it was late at night and I had a drink or two

On the Office Lab machine I have the latest SCC working on the system with server presence, and I can get OM to load up about the 3rd attempt, the first two it times out at 90% on the third attempt it gets through but cannot apply any changes it just errors out.

Me thinks one of these days Cisco will work out a way to make their products work in harmony, and we can all stop pulling our hair out



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Mario Garcia

SCC uses CLI to input Add items to the configuration and OM does not like this, hence why it doesn't work. OM only works with 100% CCA configured system.

Show your customer to make the changes via web GUI.

If default then for CME and for CUE

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We tested using the CUE GUI ( before our last demo, but we had issues with getting the changes to save and working with the phones.  I will try again with and see if we have more luck.

Aside from that, I really hope that OM gets an update to fix the CLI issues.  When we demo against ShoreTel, the Cisco phones are always more impressive but ShoreTel usually wins with the customer on its computer integration and ease of administration.  In my opinion, OM has the opportunity to change all of that.

Cisco has come a long way in the Small Business space and I personally believe that if they keep developing the Smart CallConnector, Office Manager and add integration with iPhone/Android that the product will be unbeatable!

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