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FXS Gateway

What Gateways will work on UC540.  Will the SPA8800 work?


No sir.  SPA8800 will not work in the current release.

CCA can comment when that platform will be considered for inclusion.


The SPA8000 was pretty easy to setup using the instructions found on this site.  You have to program it using CLI is the only problem but all you really need to do is cut and paste from the document.

SPA8000 is a different one, and yes, I agree.  David Dunlap got one working some time ago on his UC540 and pretty sure it all worked fine.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi David,

I have a philosophy and do my best to work by it...

The UC-500 series phone systems were designed for a digital age and digital networks....(Short Answer I guess)

(Longer Answer)

At times we are often asked to fit a triangle into a square, and in doing so we introduce problems and issues that one should not have to deal with, so I have the sales guys now sell the LG-Nortel legacy system instead, YES I hate seeing a Cisco sales fall, but I would rather do that then engage a potential mine field and give us and the Cisco equipment a bad name, simply because it could not do what a simple legacy system can do (Well that is how the customer sees it).

Larger ISR's can take analogue exapnsion systems, and I think in the present environment you only need to be UC Express certified to work with them now, and they are all CLI configured no CCA support.

The SPA-8000 series can be configured to work with the UC-500, its an ok way of doing it but it is not supported and can introduce other problems, especially management ones.

Forget about the 8800 series



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