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How can a manager monitor calls in a B-ACD que(s)?


How can a manager monitor calls in a B-ACD que(s)? In our lab I can see that if they are member of the que they see calls in ques on the phone, but that would mean it rings them too. He just need to know for staffing reason, can it be monitored using the CUE website, Operator consolse, Advanced call connector client???

Mario Garcia

BACD gives you basic queuing.

You'll need to get UCCX to be able to monitor. Unless you are using a call recording appliance like CallRex or Versadial.

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David Trad
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Hi There,

You can send B-ACD information (Kind of like a log file) to an FTP server, and then get someone to write a little HTML or PHP or Even JAVA script to interpret the information and then white board it for you.

You can also use SNMP and use something like CACTI or Nagios to graph it all for you from real-time flowing information.

Either way you look at it you will need to invest some form of resource into it, either money or time.



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These are great suggestions. I will research these a bit more...

Savelin Kralev


You could make the following:

Monitoring Cisco Unified CME B-ACD Service

The following tasks may be used during ongoing operation of a Cisco Unified CME B-ACD service.

Verifying Cisco Unified CME B-ACD Status

Collecting Statistics

See this


This is great info. I need the ability for a manager to see calls in que in real time any other thoughts?


A cheap easy way to go would be to add his set to the BACD and make the buton non ringing. Then his set would display the que numbers.

I was contemplating something like this may work. Please explain how I would make the button non-ringing? Also non primary extension be a part of the B-ACD que?

Assuming the set has a spare line button create a DN and put it on that button with a silent ring. Add that DN to the BACD. In settings on the phone set it to silent ring.

One issue this could cause is calls taking longer to be answered depending on your hunt settings. If it's sequential then putting the mgr at the bottom means his phone will only ring when all other phones are busy so no big deal. If it's peer or longest idle then just make sure the hunt timeout is low so when it does ring his set it's only a few seconds before it goes to someone who will actually answer the call.(8 seconds is the default and should be fine).


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