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How to program SPA504G softkeys when using a UC540?

I have a new setup consisting of a UC540 and SPA504Gs. If i plug the phones it, I noitced there are many softkey menu options for features like

- Blind Transfer

- Transfer

- Call parking

- CFWD When Busy

However, after the phone connects to the UC540, a limited menu of softkeys appears lacking some of these key options. Do I need to create a new profile to access these options on all phones and how is that done? Can this be done using configuration in the CME?



At this time the changes can only be on thru CLI,

CCA support is on the roadmap for later this year to allow you to change the template.

You need to have UC Specialization to make the changes in CLI, but do remember that once you go CLI, you must stick with it.

CCA and office manager tend to have issues with CLI changes

Sorry that this may not be the answer you are looking for, but if you can be patient you will have it soon

Thanks Arthur,

I just upgraded to the UC540 with SPA504 phones from a SPA9000 / SPA400 system. It appears that while this is a much more capable system, I have actually lost end user functionality.

Other than using the CLI, is there any way I could enable these features / override the template? Is there something I could do on each invidiual handset?

Any ideas are much appreciated!


Maybe I'm reading this differently, but it looks like your want to use those features within the 540, not necessarily change the template?

All of the above listed functions are programable within CCA, only changing the temaplte for the order of the softkeys has to be done in CLI.

Hi Bryan,

I am just trying to figure out how to have those features appear on my SPA504G and my SPA509G so that I can use them within the office. I am sure the UC540 supports the features, but I cannot find the option to add those menu options through the CCA and none of the documentation seems to mention it.

Can you provide some direction?

When I first plug the phones into the network, those features are available but once they connect to the UC540, they disapear.


Hi Madison,

You might not be able to see every softkey because the softkeys will change depending on the call state.

  • Blind transfer is not a configurable option through CCA.  You can simply hit the transfer key twice to emulate a blind transfer but, hitting one softkey to do that is not a configurable option.

  • The Transfer softkey is only available when when you are on an active call.  Phone is off hook and you are connected to the other party.

  • Call Park is a configurable option through CCA.  It's listed under Configure > Telephony > Voice Features > Call Park.  Once you create the park slots, CCA will make the Park softkey appear by applying the correct template to the phone.

  • CFWD when busy is another configureable option through CCA.   Configure > Telephony > Users & Extensions > Users & Phones.  I provided a screenshot below.

Hi Marcus,

I really appreciate your detailed response.

For the different CFWD options, how would you recommend making these user configurable as my end users will not have access to the CCA? Is there any way other than going through the CCA? During high volume call periods the staff likes to turn 'CFWD when busy' on, but during low volume days, they are fine with using call waiting.

In addition, to enable CFWD when busy, does call waiting need to be turned off on the designated phone? That is the way the old system behaved.



Hi Madison,

You have a couple options.

You simply hit the CFwdAll button on the phone itself and that will forward all calls (busy or not) that come through and will forward them to a different destination.  Call Waiting is on by default and does not need to be off for it to work

You can use office manager which is a separate leave behind tool for the customer.  This tool is usually used for the office administrator and it's not a tool that every person in the office would get.  You can download it here.

Here is a screenshot of what the user profile looks like.

Hi Marcus,

I installed the "Cisco Office Manager" tool for my client. It is a pretty slick little interface. One more question, with the "call forward when busy" when I set this feature, I can see no difference in the system's behavior. My guess is that, like their old system, you have to turn call waiting off on the handset for the system to see the phone as busy. The problem is I do not see options to turn call waiting off in the CCA or the Office Manager. I talked to the receptionist and tried to walk her through the phone menus but she swears that feature isn't there.

Any advice?


There might be an option to turn off the call waiting beep in the future releases of CCA but there is no way to turn it off at the moment.

So you are not able to use "Call Forward When Busy" (i.e. if the phone will never report it is busy)

In this case the phone will be busy if the person is using up both lines on a dual line configuration.  If you set it up as an octal line the person can take up to 8 calls before the line is busy.



I've had that problem as well twice already, because customers always want to have GroupPickUp button in first row.

What I did, I configured UC540 using CCA3, then used CLI (on site or remotely using Telnet). The default templete number is 16, so I configured that templete as I wanted, then restarted phones,  and all my SPA504 updated with new template.

Hope it will help.


The next version of CCA (3.1) will give you the ability to create new ephone templates. (No CLI required.)  To adjust the softkeys displayed, and the order of those softkeys.

Thank you,