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On occasion get very slow (1 second +) key press responce on 525 after upgrade to 7.4.6


Happening on 2 525 - in both cases only started after upgrade

dialing numbers, pressing handsfree, even dtmf in a call

502/504 fine


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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Stuart;

(In order to replicate it properly), can you provide a description of the deployment scenario and potentially a configuration file (remove any private info)?



config is nothing special -what we have used for ages - only change was firmware upgrade

The two of us with 525 both got it.

This is definitely a UI / phone state  issue - no sip messag flow

For UI we use normal stuff + softkeys, ldap directory,  device feature sync  and we have an XML phone app

We have had to go back to previous firmware as was unusable when it happened.

I noticed it most when dialing "on hook"  ie hands free  as you enter the number the phone will present liist of previous numbers that match,

I thought it was just restricted to that, however we also got it going between handsfree and the handset during a call..

I also go it using the keypad to generate dtmf during a call - so not screen related

Not using bluetooth or wifi.

not a problem on 502/504 on same firmware and now very similar config (now other 502/4 bugs resolved)

Sorry cant help more

PS I have a more pressing need to get the other couple of issues I have raisded resolved

I have a similar issue but it's very pronounced when using my SPA525G on the WiFi network.  I have attached a short video clip of how my system dials a an internal 5 digit extension to our conference bridge.

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