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SPA525G2 - Can't transfer inbound call

Hello all...

I'm new to the world of Cisco phones, previously having Yealinks.  I much prefer Cisco, they're far more intuitive.  Now, here's my setup:

* 2 x SPA525G2's connected with static IP's for both phones.  Connected via Wi Fi at the moment but can do ethernet.  The ethernet is a slightly different setup than normal as we rent - it's Ethernet Over Power (Netcomm NP204).

* 1 x Netgear DGND3700 ADSL2+ Router with Wi Fi.

* 1 x Hosted VOIP Service - Ezytel here in Australia.

Now, the situation is - since I've had the SPA's, we have no problem recieving calls, making outbound and internal calls....but we can't transfer inbound external calls from one phone to another.    The call will come in extension 102 (Office), get answered, and then my partner will put the caller on hold (or hit transfer), dial me on extension 100 (Studio).   Once the transfer button is hit a second time, the call doesn't go to me, it just stays in limbo for about 5 seconds, then disconnects, and the caller drops out.  I've tested this using my cellphone to call in so I don't annoy clients with the same issue !

What could be causing it ? I have no port forwarding on, I'm using G711a (Australia) exclusively as I've heard it might be a codec issue (I can also use G729a and 722 if need be but 711a gives the best sound/response).

There's a multitude of settings on the extension/phone/user pages which I'm not familiar with and a lot of the online searching I've done doesn't help or is too complex or is based on us using a PBX like a SPA9000, etc.

A side note too - if i call with my cell to my softphone (Bria on the Mac, extension 106), and do a transfer to the hardware phone (extension 100) the call stays.  If I transfer back to the softphone, it'll drop out - so I know it's nothing to do with the Hosted PBX provider - I've already raised that with him.

One final thing I was thinking about while reading this is that I haven't tried connecting the phones via ethernet direct to the router - i will have to give that a try as well and will post results.  But in the meantime, can someone with good Cisco knowledge let me know if there's something I should be doing on the web portal or the modem/router that will stop this happening ? We're a micro business (2 people) and purchased these phones through a reseller (who I haven't yet approached, but will do on Monday !)

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SPA525G2 - Can't transfer inbound call

Wrong forum, post in "small business voice - phones". You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.


SPA525G2 - Can't transfer inbound call

Thanks !


SPA525G2 - Can't transfer inbound call

does your

Netgear DGND3700  support sip-alg?

You could turn it on or update the firmware on that device.


SPA525G2 - Can't transfer inbound call

Hi Daniel...The Netgear has an option to disable it, which I haven't chosen.  The firmware is up to date on the router, and I'm on 7.5.1a on the phones - although in the ZIP file for the phone there was 7.5.1a-bt and 7.5.1a - not sure what the difference if any is.

I'm thinking of maybe rolling back a version or two.