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UC320: how to set (correct) time and date, upload own AA messages, get caller ID, telnet?

Claus Pfleger

Hello there,

Just trying out the UC320 I got borrowed from Cisco AT for testing with firmware 2.1.2 (1) localized for Austria.

The device is connected to the cable modem of my ISP (Kabelsignal) utilizing two FXO ports, getting an IP address from my DHCP being connected to a WS-C2960G-24TD (LAN 1@UC320 connected to Gi0/18@C2960G port macro Cisco Switch enabled).

Now I would like to try/see the following features:

- a correct time and date: huh? hwo/where???

No option to set this right??? No NTP option??? Am I just blind or too stupid to find that option/s?

- upload own messages for the AA: ok, there are german messages but someone might have a little bit personalized ones - maybe telling callers the company name before asking them to dial the extension if they know it. Making custom messages is not the problem - but how to upload and in which sound/data format?

- caller ID: my ISP told me that he transfers the caller ID correctly to analoge end devices if caller ID is available and not suppressed. All I can see when a call comes in is which FXO Port is being used by that call. So callback entries on the SPA phone is senseless. Any advise?

- CLI: You can telnet the device - but which credentials to use to successfully logon? The pre-assigned credentials form Cisco AT are not accepted for logon.

BTW @cisco guys: I am also voting for support for the older SPAs (e.g. 942)

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Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hi Claus,

Thanks for giving the UC320W a spin and glad you found the support community!  Let met see if I can help answer your questions....

  • Time/Date & NTP -- The UC320W is preconfigured with Cisco's Small Business NTP server.  The preferred method for correct time you will need the UC320W WAN to be connected with Internet access.   If there is no WAN connectivity there is a feature in the 2.1.x firmware where you can set the time on a SPA phone GUI and it will then update the system time.  Alternatively, if you have a LAN side NTP server that is on the same subnet as your Data VLAN subnet, you can use the NTP.pmf file found here:
  • Upload custom Music on Hold and Auto Attendant prompt files.  We are currently in beta of a new Cloud service.  To participate in the Beta, please send an e-mail to requesting MoH/AA Custom files Cloud Beta participation.
  • Caller ID on FXO:  Make sure that you have run the impedance matching tool on each of your FXO ports.  For additional information on running the Impedance Matching tool and Caller ID troubleshooting, please see the UC320W Troubleshooting Guide.
  • CLI access -- This is for Cisco Support personnel only for low level debugging.  This is not a IOS based device and there is no command line access for provisioning.



Hello, has anyone updated this MOH limit and/or uploading a custom Mp3 to the UC320?

This last response is 4 years ago!!

Thank you, Paul


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