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UC560 and SA520W - how to connect?

Robert Prideaux

The CCA instructions say

(warning comes up in telephony wizard, ie a new install).

"You must connect the UC560 to the SA500 begore continuing..."

OK fine.

Connect WAN port on UC560 to a LAN spare port on the SA 520.

Configute smartport as access points (this little gem was buried somewhere.)

Small Problem.

The VLAN 1 (Data - default - 192.168.75.n) on the SA520 is mismatched with the VLAN 1 (Default - Voice on the UC560 192.168.10.n)

The VLAN 100 (Voice - default 10.1.1.n) on the SA 520 conflicts with VLAN 100 on the UC560 192.168.10.n.

Hence, even after assigning a static IP to the UC560 in the subnet of VLAN 1 on the SA520, I cannot access the UC560 from a normal LAN connected PC running CCA.

Only connectiion is a standalone box, connected via the "PC port"

Now, to me, the Router should be the determining factor for the VLAN creation (and relevant sub nets)

You cannot change the UC560 VLAN subnets (When I do I get a mystifying message that the address is not within the subnet of the Gateway - which when reviewing all the addresses, makes no sense.)

But as they are default settings, they appear to be unaltereable - and I have not found a way around it.

I don't want an A class internal subnet (10.1.x.x on UC560)  for my phone network (just dumb for a dozen phones).

I don.t want to change a clients network address scheme if I install a UC device.

Does someone want to help here?

There must be a way to set this up properly - but blowed if I can find it.

And please don't tell me you did it a thousand times, it does not really help...

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I didnt use the TSW, but I interconnected UC5xx with SA5xx before:

maybe it helps a little?

Hi Steven

Yes, it helps a (little) bit...

I think my issue is I am getting confused witrh all the VLANs in the UC560 and the SA520W.

And CCA is no help...

You get these cryptic error messages and no indication as to what the issue really is.

Tell I am wrong here; but I fail to see why this could not be easier? Someone suggested on anther problem I had (am having) that I need to finish my CCNA... now while I see that as a cornestone of my business plan - it should not be necessary to configure some low level kit like this, aimed at the SMB market. For a start, there is no revenue stream from an SMB owner to offset the time wasted trying to make this work.

I cannot understand why there is not a decent config document that helps you understand the systems involved and not just "point and click" and heaven help the hindmost when the defaults just don't work.

I hear you Rob. The select certification test for the SE helps a little but optional classes like First Look And Advanced as well as the new Day 3 Advanced are classes you can take where the gear is in the cloud and s proctor is on the phone and you get assignments to complete on the gear. Check the CVENT calendar for these class offerings. They are pretty regular.

Also, there is a Technical Enablement Lab # 25 on the support community that does a complete walk through of configuring a system with CCA, but not with SA500. That is more to teach CCA on the UC.

But what you are doing is frequently done by other partners out here when they want enhanced security the SA500 offers or the DUAL WAN. Otherwise the UC500 firewall is fine and it's not needed, but the good news is the CCA supports the SA 5xx platform. But it doesn't make design decisions for you.

Ok, so have you seen smart designs?

Thousands of hits on reference architectures that I think will help you here. I think the even have one with the SA500. Let me know if you need a link to them?

The idea here is if you make the SA 500 the WAN router, and the UC500 sits behind it, then you leave the UC500 with it's own voice vlan default data VLAN and built it's WAN as a static IP address of the SA500 data VLAN 192.168,75.0/24.

So now I am pretty sure the smart design discusses the rest of your design regarding intervlan routing in the network that you should consider as well, so devices connected inside your network can all communicate.


Hi Steven

as usual, well thought and instructive comments.

If by the First Look etal are these the classes you register time slots for? I tried 4 times to use these but everytime the lab started at the alloted time and then hung. Unfortunately, the Help guys could not make any sense of it.

Now, Apologies!

I have looked and discarded Smart designs, as each time I looked it seemed irrevelant and far too shallow.

I happened to hit on a direct link and found the WHOLE set of SBCS 2.0, which I am currently working through.

I am desperate to make a real success of this; it is relevant, current tech; good business model and just good business 0 and it is Cisco - of all my vendors, I still trust them the most.

Am also very cognisant of the fact I have configured and sold a $20K solution to a good MSP client (not to mention $12K worth of Lab) - and now I cannot set it up to work - so am starting to runout of fingernails...

So excuse slightly hysterical tenor

It is not so much a design from the machine aspect that confuses and puzzles me - it is the apparent raft of conflicts that occur when you configure what to me is the obvious solution set: UC500/ESW500/SA500.

That and the fact CCA goes off the rails (and is so damn SLOW), whenever it hits a glitch... and every doc I look at (including #25) has this sublime sense of it just works - but only for given values of "works"...

Am soldiering on...


OK, If I understand the SD's, I should have:



VLAN (and this is the kicker) What? (using defaults so


VLANS 1, 90, 100 as per defaults.

So (and I just cannot change this) how do Iresolbe the fcate the UC560 has an unmoveable VLAN ID (1) - and the SA520 has a VLAN ID (1) - ?

I am guessing the way forward is to retire the SA520 to just be the edge router and remove all DHCP etc interactions, keep the static routes I configured (from your last)  to point to a Gateway of for all the VLANS/Subnets on the UC560.

But how do you reconcile the VLAN info on the SA520?

Surely you need to have all valid VLANS configured for "Active" on the Router?

But then you come back to the VLAN 1 issue/conflict.

I believe this is the nub of it - the rest I have pretty much read up on - it is the basics that have me stuffed!

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