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Using specific lines for outgoing calls depending on extensions?


I have to configure my UC to use specific BRI lines / PSTN Trunks for outgoing calls depending on the calling internal extensions in order to send the correct Caller ID. How do I accomplish this? Since CCA doesn't offer any option for this, I tried to configure it via CLI but I couldn't find appropriate commands.

I've got 6 BRI interfaces - three of them in PSTN Trunk "A" and one in each for PSTN Trunks "B" and "C".

I need extensions 10 to 29 to go call out through trunk "A", 30-39 to go out through "B" and 62 through trunk "C".

Any advice would be highly appreciated!

Kind regards,


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Using specific lines for outgoing calls depending on extensions?

Hi Rainhard,

Just curious as to why you do not assign a DID to that extension so when that extension calls it goes out via a specific CLID?

When you say PSTN do you also mean ISDN/BRI? As some countries refer to ISDN still as PSTN and confuses me sometimes.

Also to point out that you can only do CLI pushing so long as the carrier supports it, and where possible for scenarios like this you should try and get in-dial ranges, because partitioning call blocks is not an easy thing to do on a UC-500 system and there is no clean way to do it easily with CCA.


David Trad.

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Re: Using specific lines for outgoing calls depending on extensi

Already discussed in another thread.

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